The path to our future

Technological progress and continual improvement are the goals that we have set for ourselves and that we steadfastly pursue. We aspire to be world leaders in all segments that demand the most technologically advanced marine solutions, building on our Italian style and culture and our distinctive assets of diversification, integration and pioneering spirit.

Underpinning all our actions, projects, ventures and decisions, there are certain principles and guidelines that are followed at every level of the Group: strict respect for the law and international conventions, worker health and safety, safeguarding the environment, and protecting the interests of shareholders, employees, clients, commercial and financial partners, and local communities and interest groups.

This is the course of action that all people who work in the Fincantieri Group adopt, talented men and women who perform their duties in a responsible way every day to help build our idea of an increasingly technological, high-performance and sustainable future.