A shared commitment

The Fincantieri Group is conducting numerous European, national and regional research projects in collaboration with Universities, Centers of Excellence, Suppliers and Shipyards. There are currently around 50 projects underway, divided by area as below.

In Europe

  • Horizon 2020: 2014-2020 Work Program, Smart, Green and Integrated Transport and CSA Blue Growth.
  • Promoting R&I sector collaborations through the Association "Vessel for the Future". Our R&I work also includes international relations with the sector, with the aim of promoting and developing Europe-wide public collaboration opportunities to support research, innovation and competitiveness, acting as representatives for the Company with the relevant bodies. 


  • Ministerial calls for bids (Ministry for Education, Universities and Research - MIUR, Ministry for Economic Development - MISE, Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure - MIT, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - MAE).
  • Groups in the industrial production chain and adoption of Smart Specialization Strategies in the National Technology Cluster. 


We work with five strategic Technological Districts to integrate skills in the research system and in the business world: 

  • Maritime Technology Cluster Friuli Venezia-Giulia (MARE FVG).
  • Distretto Ligure delle Tecnologie Marine (DLTM).
  • Distretto Tecnologico Ligure sui Sistemi Intelligenti (SIIT). 
  • Distretto sull'Ingegneria dei Materiali polimerici e compositi e Strutture - Napoli (IMAST).
  • Distretto Tecnologico sui Trasporti Navali, Commerciali e da Diporto (Sicilia NAVTEC).