The challenges of the future

Identifying, interpreting and implementing new business opportunities. Fincantieri employs this vision and approach to study, monitor, assess and establish the priorities its strategy should be directed towards. This well-structured process starts with an analysis of mega trends to identify the global changes taking place in society, in the economy, in culture and in people’s lives so as to be in a position to establish the risks and opportunities and provide precise indications about the technology required to deal with them.

We design the ships of tomorrow

Our guiding light is our ability to always be innovative and pro-active on the global market, providing state-of-the-art solutions in terms of design and protecting people and the environment. A dedicated team handles new concepts that works across the board in a variety of disciplines and on a range of markets in order to quickly pick up on new trends and demands and to offer appropriate, technologically advanced solutions.
From the designers’ sketches to the developers’ renderings and the technical assessments of engineers and technicians, the whole workflow is managed by highly qualified professionals who are coordinated on a global scale. The aim is to offer every client the best solution combing superb design and space optimisation with the highest standards in terms of safety, environmental sustainability and energy impact.

Knowledge transfer

Fincantieri uses Technology Scouting to identify innovative solutions from other industrial sectors that can be profitably transferred to the naval sector.

This process involves the whole company in establishing practical needs, in checking the viability of new naval solutions and in determining the cost-benefit ratio for the potential solutions to be implemented.

Sharing ideas, projects and results

The aim of the Innovation with Suppliers process is to develop new technological solutions, in partnership with carefully selected suppliers, in order to achieve Fincantieri’s competitiveness goals.

This activity involves signing agreements that regulate cooperation between the supplier’s technical personnel and that of Fincantieri to carry out specific development projects and the joint creation of new products that can be integrated on board the ship.

Innovation as a long-term strategy

Fincantieri manages a Research and Innovation Plan that is focused on the following objectives:


•    designing tailor-made solutions to best meet the contractual specifications
•    activating R&I projects to develop solutions to increase the Group’s competitiveness
•    targeting competitive solutions for the coming decades, for the current and future market.