Sharing ideas, projects and results

In order to ensure that a permanent innovation process is pursued, to allow new opportunities to be identified and competitiveness aims to be reached, it is of the utmost importance that carefully selected suppliers are involved. In view of the complexity of all the ships it designs and builds, Fincantieri works with thousands of companies each day to implement its technological solutions in the fields of safety, materials and processes, equipment and on-board comfort.


The commitment to achieve this, which aims to establish the ideal partnership model, led the R&I department, together with the Procurement System Development department, to launch a program back in 2013 called “Innovation with Suppliers”, that consists of several phases: establishing road maps for the ship's individual systems and sub-systems; identifying and selecting the most suitable suppliers to develop innovative solutions with them; defining and drawing up partnerships; and identifying and implementing innovation projects. 


Defined innovation strategies


Evaluated suppliers


Defined projects


Signed agreements