We are a strategic resource for the country, therefore, the protection of all our most valuable assets, whether they are human, know-how, real estate, IT, is of crucial importance to our employees, shareholders, and of  course Italy.

With this in mind, we are committed to develop, incorporate and disseminate, within the Company,  the best practices, standards and guidelines to identify, manage and mitigate our security risks in compliance of human rights, with the belief that effective prevention and protection strategies are an ethical as well as an economic value in management and business activities.

From this point of view, we ensure a constant process of incident and risk security management, aimed at guaranteeing the highest level of protection for employees and  tangible and intangible assets in order to achieve our social and business development objectives.

With this analysis process  and continuous improvement we enhance the level of overall security, for which we seek a correct and conscious adherence of all employees, considering it an essential factor of success.


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