Scientific Initiatives

We are committed to supporting scientific research and innovation in order to guarantee a sustainable future through projects and cooperation with various entities.


  • Italy: in 2018 we directly funded a doctorate fellowship in Mathematical Analysis, Models and Applications awarded by the School for Advanced Studies in Trieste. The fellowship is aimed at conducting a joint research project to create a new, faster and more precise way to make the necessary calculations to get the go-ahead for naval projects.


  • Norway: the subsidiary CDP Technology actively cooperates with the Tallinn Technical University, representatives from the company hold lectures and cooperate with students in realizing projects of common interest.


  • United States: Vard Electro Canada, Vard Marine Canada and Vard Marine USA support courses on subjects related to the maritime sector in order to encourage engineering students to consider the sector as a genuine work opportunity.


We promote, enhance and disseminate scientific and technological culture, with particular focus on scientific and technological resources. This is why we supported the sixteenth edition of the Festival of Science which brought over 360 speakers to Genoa, including distinguished scientists, researchers, scientific communicators and artists from all over the world. Genoa hosted 266 events, including 128 conferences, 82 workshops, 28 exhibitions, 13 shows and 15 special events.

The festival has become a reference point for the dissemination of science, a chance for researchers, schools and families to meet.


We have sponsored Trieste Next – Festival of Scientific Research, an event that promotes debate and dialogue between the most representative people in scientific and applied research and innovative enterprise.
We believe that giving researchers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their experiences and talk about how, thanks to technological transfer, new solutions can emerge means growth and dialogue for everyone.

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