Il progetto S1000 è il risultato della cooperazione tra Fincantieri e il partner russo governativo Enterprise Central Design Bureau For Marine Engineering “RUBIN” (sotto l’egida di “ROSOBORONEXPORT“ - Russian Federal State Unitary Enterprise).

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

57.20 m

Outer diameter of pressure hull

5.50 m

Submerged displacement

abt 1,100 t

Surface displacement (ready to dive)

1,000 t

Diving depth

250 m


5.40 m

Stern rudders

4 x type

Maximum submerged speed

14 kn

Transit speed

6 kn

Patrol speed

4 kn

Cruising range under snorkel and storage battery:

• during transit

1,500 nm

• during patrol

2,000 nm

Crew + special forces

16 + 6


30 days

1 Propeller shaft

Propulsion plant

1 multi electronic permanent magnet propulsion motor

1,000 kW

Diesel engines (turbocharged)

2 x 715 kW


2 x 650 kW

2 Battery Banks of 112 Lead Cells each in 2 separate compartments

AIP capability (Fuel cell based)

200 kW

1 Propeller shaft, 7 skewed blades

combat system

6 Fwd Torpedo Tubes (Push-Out Type) with capability to manage a combination of up to 6 + 8:

• 21 inches (533 mm) Wire Guided Torpedoes

• Antiship/Strike Missiles

1 Bottom Mines Torpedo Countermeasures System (Emulator/Decoy)

5 Multifunction CMS Consoles, Integrating sensors and navigation

1 Passive/Active Sonar Suite (Conformal Array, Intercept Array, Mine Avoidance, ONA)

1 Integrated Navigation System

1 Underwater Telephone

1 Optronic Mast (TV IR, Laser Range Finder/ESM early warning)

1 ESM, for automatic intercepted radar classification through own libraries

1 Navigation Radar with ARPA facilities

1 Internal Communication System

2 Integrated external communication masts for voice and data communications in the frequencies HF, UHF, UHF-SATCOM, VHF

1 VLF antenna

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