Innovation as a long-term strategy

Fincantieri implements a R&I plan that is in line with its strategic aims and in keeping with market demands. It is a genuine operational tool to guarantee the Group's long-term competitiveness globally.


The R&I plan focuses on the following objectives:

  • to overcome the competitive gap (in terms of performance, quality and cost) that current activities are not able to adequately cover;
  • to oversee and guide the development of systems, components, know-how, platforms and concepts, in order to keep up with the competition;
  • to create a competitive gap by developing exclusive systems and component solutions that are aimed at integrating products and processes. 

The challenges of Open Innovation

Supporting the R&I process, as part of its Open Innovation policy, Fincantieri has launched an “Innovation Challenge” with the Universities of Genoa, Naples and Palermo, in partnership with CETENA. The project aims to encourage universities to generate out-of-the-box ideas for us to translate into product innovations for an extra competitive edge in critical areas like reducing product weight, enhancing perceived quality, driving down costs, boosting energy efficiency, and maximizing payload.