LHD 20000 t

Amphibious Ship

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

190 m

Length between perpendiculars

167 m

Max breadth

33 m

Moulded breadth

28 m

Full load displacement

20,000 t

Operational speed

20 kn

Range at 16 kn

7,000 nm


Propulsion diesel engines MMPP

2 x 11,000 kW

2 x 6,500 kW

Diesel generators sets

4 x 2,500 kW each


Flight deck for

up to 6 helicopters EH-101 type

Helicopters hangar for

up to 6 EH-101 type

Vehicle deck capability

up to 1,200 metric lanes

Hospital area

abt. 1,000 m² plus 1,000 m² of convertible areas

Floodable dock

abt. 50 x 15 m

Vehicle ramps

1 stern + 1 side


200 crew + 750 troops

combat system

Air & Surface surveillance system (combined air/surface surveillance radar or air+surface surveillance radars)

Mine avoidance sonar

Artillery: 3 Short Range Gun 25 mm + 2 Otomelara 76/62 SR (acting also as CIWS)

EW system (ESM/ECM + 2 AAW DLS)

Torpedo defense (Towed Array + 2 ASW DLS)

Open architectural command & control system able to be implemented also in later phase (i.e. adding operational functions & operator consoles) (400 m2 available)

Integrated comms. system (including also the means for landing troups)

Integrated navigation system (including X and S band navigation radars)