We believe in an economy that is a system of relations based on trust and transparency, an integrated dynamic network of cross-cutting communities, built over time to create and exchange value.

ITEMS DESCRIPTION   2016 2017 2017/2016
ECONOMIC VALUE GENERATED DIRECTLY   euro/million 4,472 5,047 12.9%
a) Revenue Sales revenue euro/million 4,434 5,020 13.2%
b) Finance income Interest income and return on equity investments euro/million 39 27 -31.9%
c) Capital gains/losses on business profits Business profits euro/million (1)  - -
DISTRIBUTED ECONOMIC VALUE   euro/million 4,277 4,804 11.0%
a) Operating costs Payments to Suppliers euro/million 3,285 3,734 13.7%
b) Cost of personnel Payments to employees euro/million 858 912 6.3%
c) Dividends Payments to suppliers of capital (shareholders) euro/million - - -
d) Interest paid and financial costs Payments to suppliers of capital (shareholders) euro/million 115 115 -0.3%
e) Duties and taxes Payment of duties, taxes and other financial and legal fees euro/million 17 40 138.0%
f) Donations to associations Community investments euro/million 2 3 47.4%
ECONOMIC VALUE RETAINED Calculated as the difference between the economic value generated and the economic value distributed euro/million 195 242  19.2%

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