We have always been engaged in the promotion of educational and training programs in order to create a pool of specialized human resources to foster the Fincantieri system, with specific reference to the network of suppliers, in order to cope with the workload.

With such aim, we have developed multiple initiatives together with regional and municipal administrations. Furthermore, such initiatives allow both to activate a virtuous circle and an ever closer bond with local communities and to create opportunities for growth and enhance the skills of people and businesses.


The collaboration between Fincantieri and the Municipality of Monfalcone continues, as they share the need to increase local school facilities, also caused by the impact of the population active in the shipyard. Fincantieri has contributed to the renovation and adaptation of a building in the Municipality of Monfalcone to be used as a nursery school and has undertaken to cover the running costs for the school’s first years.


Moreover, the Company has committed to ensure the provision of education for children of pre-school age who would have remained on the waiting list and would not otherwise have been able to access the first level of education. In particular it has provided support for some children’s fees at the Fly Ark school, thanks to the availability of some places and it has contributed to the costs for the transport of children who have been accepted at the nursery schools of two municipalities near Monfalcone.


The Foundation aims at promoting International University Student Accommodations for the education of university students. Over the years, the Foundation has carried out multiple other activities, establishing itself as a MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) and EU qualified partner.
It carries out educational, research, educational guidance and voluntary activities by developing international relations and carrying out projects and research for universities. It allocates scholarships to deserving students with limited financial means.

Educational and training programs

Partnership with universities

Fincantieri takes part to Career Days and Career Fairs events organized by universities in order to develop a direct and constant link with students and professors. The Company also promotes Meet Fincantieri Days with university students, introducing the Company and organizing seminars, classroom/virtual classroom testimonials and orientation workshops. Such partnerships have contributed to the creation of the Employer Value Proposition of the Fincantieri Group, which for the second year in a row won the Universum Most Attractive Employers award given by Universum Global, a leading Swedish company in employer branding. This award place Fincantieri in the overall ranking of the top 30 companies most attractive for university students and young professionals who took degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines. The Company's first place standing in the ranking of companies operating in the Manufacturing, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering segment was also confirmed.

Guidance activities with secondary schools

Fincantieri maintains solid relationships with secondary school institutions, specifically with technical institutes, professional schools and ITS Foundations. The objective of such initiatives is to allow the training of qualified resources with profiles that will allow a simpler employment in roles within the shipbuilding industry, both within the Group and in the industry's network.

• Requalification initiatives and professional training

Fincantieri promotes and develops specific recruiting and training initiatives aiming at creating in the areas where it is active pools of resources with specific technical competences in order to address the needs of the shipbuilding industry and facilitate the meeting of supply and demand in the job market. There is a specific attention to jobseeker and unemployed resources, coming out of corporate crisis and guidance interviews as well as formative upskilling and reskilling workshops are promoted, together with regional administrations and with the network of suppliers.

Our lines of action

Social Responsibility




Scientific research and technological innovation