Culture can drive growth in the territory.

We are actively involved in recovering and enhancing artistic and historical peculiarities in the territories in which we operate and supporting cultural initiatives in order to enhance the attractiveness of the interested areas and increasing their development opportunities. 


The Campiello is a literary price assigned to Italian narrative books. It was established in 1962 by the Veneto Entrepreneurs' Association with the aim of dedicating a specific space for the regional entrepreneurial spirit within the Italian cultural scenario. Fincantieri took part to such initiative as a sponsor to the 58° edition of the Campiello Literary Prize.


The MuCa is the only Italian museum dedicated to shipbuilding. The exhibition covers multiple themes: the city-factory, the corporate welfare and the wars, the shipyard and entrepreneurs: the evolution on the territory, the technique and construction in the shipyard: from ships to collateral constructions, interior design and the great art on ships and in the territory.


The MuCa is an extented museum, with a direct link to the territory, not only with the exhibition inside the museum, but also with a series of external exhibitions in the village of Panzano and of guided tours inside the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone. Fincantieri actively collaborates with the museum through the Fincantieri Foundation, which regularly contributes to the creation of exhibitions or sections of the museum, by providing documents such as photos and texts and advice on graphic design.


Festival of good journalism consisting of four days of talks, meetings and interviews with leading figures from the worlds of IT, culture and economics. The 7th edition of the Festival took place, which has seen the presence on the Fincantieri Newsroom stage in Piazza Unità, of numerous guests, involved in dialogues and roundtables on topics such as science, sustainable development and economic recovery.

Moreover, the Festival has adhered to the campaign “No women, No panel” promoted by the European Commission, that requires the presence of at least one female figure for every meeting or conference in scheduled events and aims to raise awareness among both stakeholders and the public about gender balance in panels and public events.


For many years now, Fincantieri has supported the Barcolana, a historic international sailing regatta that has been held for over 50 years in the Gulf of Trieste, on every second Sunday of October. Every year, Fincantieri renews its support for sport and the territory through the sponsorship of the event. The Barcolana is not only a sport event, but it could be considered a true sea festival, involving the entire city of Trieste, through numerous sport and cultural events and initiatives. In this occasion, the city welcomes thousands of sailors and spectators from Italy and abroad, who can watch the event from numerous observation points around the city and the gulf.

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