In the shipyards located in Italy, Norway, Romania and the United States, many events are organized and they are an important opportunity to open the doors to the employees and the communities in the territory and promote awareness of the Company and its values. 


Family Days and Workers Visits are events organized in shipyards to put in contact the professional and private spheres of employees, so that they can share with their families environments that they normally share only with colleagues.
In Italy alone around 19,000 people, both employees and workers in satellite businesses, were able to spend a few hours in the shipyards with their families and, where possible, visit the ships.


Several shipyards open their doors to school children and university students and groups to show and explain the naval production process.

In 2020, in occasion of the handover ceremony of two cruise ships, the Company wanted to celebrate by organizing a live streaming to give everyone the opportunity to follow the event live.


The initiatives was born in 2018 and it consists of events dedicated to all the children of employees from Fincantieri and the external companies aged between 4 and 10. The initiative consists in a series of events that allow them to board and see with their own eyes the ship built by their family members.

In Italy alone, around 3,600 children aged between 4 and 10, accompanied by 1,800 adults, participated in this initiative.


Promotion of various sport activities through sponsorships, such as the international tennis tournament, ATP Challenger circuit organized by Tennis Club Triestino and the “Fincantieri Cup”, a golf event organized by Golf Club Trieste.

Moreover, the Group supports the youth football team Unione Fincantieri Monfalcone, the main football team in the area, which bears the Company’s name.

Company clubs

All the Fincantieri social units present in Italy are equipped with a company club where current and retired employees can carry out after-work recreative and cultural activities and sports. The premises of the company clubs, the staff in charge of the administrative management and the economic resources necessary for their maintenance are predominantly provided by Fincantieri. In 2020, more than 16,000 registered members benefited from the activities of the 9 company clubs at national level, of which approximately 8,000 were current and former Fincantieri employees.

Summer camps

Fincantieri has activated summer camps with the aim of supporting and facilitating employees with the management of the children during the summer.
The recreational activities are led by qualified personnel and aimed at children from 6 to 12 years and are organized in partnership with Fincantieri's company clubs and with local summer camps, therefore generating positive economic repercussions in the territories. The summer camps are active in the areas of Trieste, Genova and Monfalcone.
The attendance fee consists of two parts, one taken care of by the Company, the other by the employee, who will also be able to benefit from the Company's welfare, through the designated portal; such initiative confirms the quality of the Company's flexible benefit scheme.

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