Classe Cavour


classe Cavour

Nave Cavour ha delle capacità operative molto flessibili che consentono le operazioni tipiche di una portaerei nonché del trasporto di autoveicoli e cingolati. È dotata di un ponte di volo per operazioni con elicotteri ed aerei V/STOL e un hangar/garage di 2.500 mq. Il sistema propulsivo è il più potente impianto non nucleare finora costruito (88 MW) ed è dotato di eliche a passo variabile progettate e costruite da Fincantieri

Committente Marina Militare italiana
Cavour 2008

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

244.00 m

Length between perpendiculars

215.60 m

Moulded breadth

39.00 m

Full load displacement

28,100 t

Flight deck

232.60 x 34.50 m


134.20 x 21 m

H.T. Steel hull and Superstructures

Stability and buoyancy according to Italian Navy std.

NBC Protection

Shock Protection of vital equipment

Low Underwater Radiated Noise Signature Control

Aviation facilities for fixed-wing aircraft AV-8B Harrier and JSF and helicopters EH101, AB212, NH 90, SH3D

AVIO/GE LM2500 Gas Turbines (COGAG)

Max Continuous Power

4 x 22 MW

Fincantieri Feathering CP propellers


Max sustained speed (85 % MCR)

› 29 kn

Range at 16 kn

7 000 nm


Flag Officers and VIP’s


Ship’s Complement


Amphibious Command Task Force





360 + 90


1,202 + 90


6 Generating sets Wärtsilä CW 12V200

6 Reverse osmosis desalinators (70 t/day each)

2 200 kW each

2 Couples active-fin stabilizers

2 Shaft generators 2200 kW each

Bow and stern thruster

Primary power 660V - 50Hz through passive distribution ring

Stern and side ramps

2 Rudders

2 Aircraft lifts (forward and stb. aft)

HVAC in all living and operational spaces

4 Landing crafts (LCVP)

combat system

1 2D Surveillance Radar

2 Radars for Aero Mobile Control

1 3D Multifunctional Radar

1 Command Management System including SATCOM and Tactical Data Links

1 3D Long Range Surveillance Radar

1 Integrated Int/Ext Communication System

2 Navigation Radars

2 Main Caliber Guns - 76 mm SR

1 Mine Avoidance Sonar

3 Secondary Calibre Guns - 25 mm


1 Sylver SAM Vertical Launching System (2 x 2 x 8)

1 Anti Torpedo Defence System (SLAT)

1 Decoy Launching System (2 Launchers)

2 Radars/EO Fire Control System

1 Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN)

2 IFF Systems

1 Underwater Telephone

1 IR Surveillance System