Cavour Class

Aircraft Carriers

Cavour Class

The ship has highly flexible operational capabilities, which enable her to carry out the functions of an aircraft carrier, as well as transport wheeled and tracked vehicles.

The vessel is equipped with a flight deck designed for operating with helicopters and V/ STOL aircraft. There is also a hangar/garage of 2,500m².

The ship’s conventional non-nuclear plant propulsion system is the most powerful (88 MW) built to date, and her controllable pitch propellers are at the cutting edge of naval technology.

Commissioning Italian Navy
Cavour 2008

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

244.00 m

Length between perpendiculars

215.60 m

Moulded breadth

39.00 m

Full load displacement

28,100 t

Flight deck

232.60 x 34.50 m


134.20 x 21 m

H.T. Steel hull and Superstructures

Stability and buoyancy according to Italian Navy std.

NBC Protection

Shock Protection of vital equipment

Low Underwater Radiated Noise Signature Control

Aviation facilities for fixed-wing aircraft AV-8B Harrier and JSF and helicopters EH101, AB212, NH 90, SH3D

AVIO/GE LM2500 Gas Turbines (COGAG)

Max Continuous Power

4 x 22 MW

Fincantieri Feathering CP propellers


Max sustained speed (85 % MCR)

› 29 kn

Range at 16 kn

7 000 nm


Flag Officers and VIP’s


Ship’s Complement


Amphibious Command Task Force





360 + 90


1,202 + 90


6 Generating sets Wärtsilä CW 12V200

6 Reverse osmosis desalinators (70 t/day each)

2 200 kW each

2 Couples active-fin stabilizers

2 Shaft generators 2200 kW each

Bow and stern thruster

Primary power 660V - 50Hz through passive

Stern and side ramp

distribution ring

2 Aircraft lifts (forward and stb. aft)

2 Rudders

4 Landing crafts (LCVP)

HVAC in all living and operational spaces

combat system

1 2D Surveillance Radar

2 Radar for Aero Mobile Control

1 3D Multifunctional Radar

1 Command Management System including SATCOM and Tactical Data Links

1 3D Long Range Surveillance Radar

1 Integrated Int/Ext Communication System

2 Navigation Radars

2 Main Caliber Guns - 76 mm SR

1 Mine Avoidance Sonar

3 Secondary Caliber Guns - 25 mm


1 Sylver SAM Vertical Launching System (2 x 2 x 8)

1 Anti Torpedo Defence System (SLAT)

1 Decoy Launching System (2 Launchers)

2 Radar/EO Fire Control System

1 Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN)

2 IFF Systems

1 Underwater Telephone

1 IR Surveillance System