We believe in people and their stories.
We believe in their commitment, their dedication and their passion.
Qualities that goes they put at the service of our Group to write its history.
A story that goes beyond the sea.
And now we will tell you theirs.
Discover them in the videos!

Luca Mingarelli

Luca had two passions: becoming an airplane pilot and designing buildings. His talent for design brought him to us, turning one of his dreams into reality.

Marco Deiana

Marco has always helped in his parents' bar, where he discovered the importance of having concrete values, making sacrifices, and working hard to get what he wants.

Veronica Lostuzzo

Veronica is one of our IT Strategy Analysts helping to improve our innovation processes: she has been able to experiment and get involved, because beyond the sea there are always new challenges.

Andrea Colavitto

Andrea turned his dislike for the sea and sand into love and dedication for his work of research and innovation to transform the world into a better place for all. This is his story.

Ilaria Mammoliti

Ilaria has been working with us for over a year and has managed to turn her passion for videogames and technology into activities related to artificial intelligence and augmented reality development.

Giuseppe Cusenza

Giuseppe was born near Monfalcone, he is 41 years old and used to be a consultant. He is now Project Manager for the Merchant Ships division. What leads a consultant to become Project Manager at Fincantieri?

Giovanna Mason

Giovanna became fascinated with ships as a child. She is now Lead Project Engineer for the Merchant Ships Division in Trieste.

Paola Cavasotto

Paola was born in Genoa, she is 31 years old and has always felt the need to be independent. She began her journey within our Group in 2014 as a planner before moving to the Purchasing Department.

Vito Marinosci

Vito Marinosci's story began in Apulia 35 years ago, passed through Tuscany and found its definitive position within our Group where he took the opportunity to give a turning point to his career by dedicating himself to shipbuilding.