It should be noted that the Legislative Decree no. 11 of January 27, 2010 incorporated the European Directive 2007/64/EC into our national legislation, establishing, among other things, the adoption of the IBAN as unique identifier for the execution of credit transfers; following this change, banking institutions will only verify the existence as well as the formal correctness of the IBAN; the correspondence between the payee and the holder of the account to which the IBAN refers will no longer be verified.


Italian and foreign suppliers registered on the portal will have to enter the IBAN in the specific "Bank Accounts" section, any changes and channeling of the same will be carried out exclusively in the same area of ​​the portal.


For suppliers not registered on the portal, for the purpose of communicating the change in the IBAN of the preferential bank and / or any channeling:

  • Italian suppliers must communicate the change exclusively via the company's official certified mailbox (PEC) to the certified mailbox VERIFICHE.FC@PEC.FINCANTIERI.IT,
  • Foreign suppliers from other countries without PEC email, requests must be sent exclusively to the mailbox VERIFICHE.FC@FINCANTIERI.IT.


Requests will be considered valid by our Company only if written on letterheaded paper, signed in original by the company legal representative (preferably with digital signature), with the indication, by stamp or in text format, of the name, surname and position of the legal representative signatory documented with company registration report (or company registration certificate, for non-Italian suppliers); a copy of the personal identity document of the signatory of the request (legal representative) must also be attached.