We respect the dignity of each person and we offer equal opportunities to all our employees, avoiding any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, skin color, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, political opinion, nationality and social origin We recognize that diversity, at all levels, is a value to be cultivated in our organization in order to consolidate our aim to "put people at the core" and better address the challenges posed by the global market.

Fincantieri operates in a global context in which different nationalities contribute to nurturing an ever more open corporate culture. We recognize the value of this context and we cultivate it with recruiting and job rotation policies aimed at promoting the sharing of know-how and best practices, and experiences as well as the integration and inclusion of people.

In terms of gender diversity, the Group has recorded an increase in the number of women employees in recent years, although there are objective conditions related to the typical characteristics of shipbuilding.

For this reason, we are pleased to have been named among the 200 best employers for women in Italy according to the German Institute for Quality and Finance in Italy's Best Employers for Women, a further recognition that rewards initiatives aimed at promoting greater reconciliation of work with personal needs.

In this regard, also following the positive experience of adopting smart working during the pandemic emergency, the Company has signed an agreement on the subject with the National Trade Union Organizations to implement agile work in a structural way.

With the aim of providing particular support to women in the period of maternity, new parents and people with special health needs or situations of fragility, the Company envisages a significant use of smart working as a flexibility tool.


The Company's focus on work-life balance is put into practice through various initiatives: there are special arrangements with day care centres, seaside or mountain resorts during the summer, daytime summer camps and after-school activities for the children of employees.

We are constantly working to promote the insertion of people with different physical and psychological abilities, in line with the characteristics of shipbuilding and the risk profiles associated with the industry. 481 people with disabilities work in the Fincantieri Group.

Age diversity also plays an important role and is a value for our company. This is because constant dialogue between people from different age groups combines different experiences, helping the Group to grow and improving its capacity to compete in the market.


Diversity and equal opportunity: 2018-2022 Sustainability Plan objectives and targets

Commitments Objectives Description/ Targe Benefits Status Timetable

Promotion of programs offering equal opportunities to all employees in order to promote diversity and inclusion within the Group

Commitment to human rights and diversity

Draft a policy on human rights and diversity which will enable a set of principles and rules to be defined, allowing the Group to improve commitment to these aspects

• Access new markets and develop employer branding

• Protect against risks

• Promote equality

• Promote salary equality

• Ensure national and European compliance



The Fincantieri Group Policy of Human Rights – Commitment for the respect of human rights and diversity has been drawn up and it has been approved by the Board of Directors of Fincantieri S.p.A., in order to define principles and rules that guide the strategies, activities and initiatives of the entire Group towards respect for human rights and the promotion of diversity and inclusion.



Develop a training program for facilitators on sustainability issues and in particular on diversity and its promotion in the Company

Develop a training program for facilitators on sustainability issues and on their promotion in the Company, as part of the Fincantieri for the Future project


At least 40 facilitators out of 70 trained in Italy

Disseminate widely and naturally new behavior and an open mentality also on sustainability issues



In 2020, 58 facilitators in Italy took part in a training course aimed at heightening awareness on diversity and equal opportunities, on knowing how to respect, integrate and enhance the diversity and uniqueness of each person and on all those filters with which every individual observes the surrounding reality and on the basis of which assesses, judges, takes decisions and adjusts their behaviour.



Conduct a gender pay equality survey

• Conduct a survey on gender pay equality targeted on homogeneous groups by task and performance evaluation

• Promote interventions on any misalignments identified


Pay survey for Fincantieri S.p.A.

Optimize business costs and employee benefits

to-be-implemented To be implemented



Define an action plan to increase employee awareness of diversity and inclusion

Define an action plan with training programmes and specific projects on diversity and inclusion 


Definition of the action plan for Fincantieri S.p.A.

• Increase employee awareness of diversity and inclusion

• Protect against risks

• Access new markets and develop employer branding 

 Work in progress


To prevent discrimination and affirm and ensure respect for equal opportunities, the American companies Fincantieri Marine Group and Fincantieri Marine Systems North America Inc. and the VARD group have organized specific training activities aimed at raising greater awareness of and sensitivity to diversity issues.


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