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A subsidiary of Fincantieri since January 2013, the Vard Group is one of the world leaders in specialized shipbuilding for the offshore market. The Norwegian group's core business is designing and building complex and highly profiled OSVs such as PSVs, AHTSs, and OSCVs. Vard also constructs specialized ships, LNG fueled ferries, naval vessels and coast guard patrol boats, LPG vessels, fishing vessels, and icebreakers. The company also designs and supplies equipment, but the real key to its success is the high level of customization provided to each and every client, for any type of ship. 

Its consolidated and strong relationship with clients, for which it is famous around the world, is another of Vard's important strategic added values. It is no coincidence that among them there are many leading global companies, thanks to a vast network of infrastructure, services and suppliers located on all continents. The three shipyards in Norway, two in Romania, one in Brazil and one in Vietnam provide the perfect combination of functionality, capability, cost control and proximity to the market to meet the requirements of a wide and diversified portfolio of extremely important international clients. 


P.O. Box 76
NO-6001 Ålesund

Visiting address:
Skansekaia 2
NO-6002 Ålesund
T. +47 70 21 06 00
F.+47 23 50 23 40

Registered Singapore address:
Vard Holdings Ltd
Six Battery Road #10-01
Singapore 049909 

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