We want to contribute in a significant way to the development and the economic and financial stability of the countries in which we operate. This is why we promote constant dialogue with institutions and we support initiatives aimed at facilitating entrepreneurial projects and job opportunities locally. We believe in an economy that is a system of relations based on trust and transparency, an integrated dynamic network of cross-cutting communities, built over time to create and exchange value.


Our business model - diversified by end markets, geographical areas and customer portfolio - is able to face new challenges by seizing all opportunities without ignoring their social and environmental implications.

Our aim is to promote strategies aimed at building a synergetic network among institutions, firms and districts in the shipbuilding industry.


In this context, the distribution of Economic Value represents the preeminent impact of the Group's business for the benefit of the main stakeholder categories.

ITEMS DESCRIPTION   2022 2023 VAR 2023/2022
ECONOMIC VALUE GENERATED DIRECTLY   euro/million 7,639.5 7,754.3 1.5%
a) Revenue Sales revenue euro/million 7,480.7 7,650.7 2.3%
b) Finance income Interest income and return on equity investments euro/million 158.5 107.2 -32.4%
c) Capital gains/losses on business profits Business profits euro/million 0.4 (3.7) -1,140.6%
DISTRIBUTED ECONOMIC VALUE   euro/million 7,426.9 7,438.5 0.2%
a) Operating costs Payments to suppliers euro/million 5,990.5 5,943.5 -0.8%
b) Cost of personnel Payments to employees euro/million 1,185.7 1,218.4 2.8%
c) Dividends Payments to suppliers of capital (shareholders) euro/million 0 0 -
d) Interest paid and financial costs Payments to suppliers of capital (banking institutions) euro/million 240.9 271.8 12.8%
e) Duties and taxes Payment of duties, taxes and other financial and legal fees euro/million 6.7 3.1 -53.6%
f) Donations to associations Community investments euro/million 1.6 1.7 5.2%
ECONOMIC VALUE RETAINED Calculated as the difference between the economic value generated and the economic value distributed euro/million 212.5 315,8 48,6%
The data refer to the entire Fincantieri Group.

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