Downstream of the processes for generating new innovative solutions, the management of the aspects that guarantee acquisition of value, the usability in the Company and the exploitation in the market are considered essential, while protecting our ownership of the results. This vision takes the form of two essential processes:

• promotion of the innovation culture, which is a fundamental step to transfer knowledge into services and applied technologies, aimed at a wider audience of users. In particular, this phase takes place after each project is closed or has reached maturity, and it is targeted at ensuring that the results are correctly transmitted to the relevant departments of all divisions. In the case of issues of particular strategic interest to the Group, dedicated training sessions open to all employees are organized in the form of webinars in order to further facilitate the dissemination of results;
• management of intellectual property favours an inclusive approach towards external actors from industry and academia, ensuring that collaborations can continue while respecting the prerogatives of all actors involved.