The scale and importance of the activities we carry out mean that we are fully aware that we have a significant role in the economic development and welfare of the communities in which we operate.
To fulfil this commitment every single action of the Group is carried out with the health and safety of all workers in mind, whether they are employed by the Group or by subcontractors.

The wellbeing of the individual lies at the center of each Company dynamic, in the awareness that safety is the right of all and the duty of everyone and it cannot be done without dialogue and collaboration.


We have implemented specific guidelines and procedures to define the entire process of assessing company risks, in particular those related to Health and Safety at Work.

As part of this process, also with a view to promoting personal well-being, meetings are held at each site with employees and Workers' Safety Representatives to identify any sources of work-related stress.
By analysing the results of the meetings and the valuation of specific company indicators, the consequent initiatives to reduce risk (e.g. training, organizational measures) are defined, where necessary.
The risk of work-related stress, together with all the specific risks present, is dealt with in company training courses.

The good results in safety at work, which has recently seen a significant reduction in accidents, are due to the cultural growth and professional development undertaken some time ago with the resources employed in the business processes.

The trend in accident data and indices for employees and contractors is monitored on a monthly basis, both at company and individual site level, and is the subject of internal communication.
The same data is also analysed and shared with all Site Health & Safety Managers during periodic coordination meetings.
In defining the objectives associated with variable remuneration, the performance of the individual production units in terms of Health and Safety at Work are reference parameters compared against the company's best practices.

In 2010 the Managing Director signed the first Fincantieri Safety Policy with the aim to underline that the Group puts safety first and foremost when adopting its strategies. At the same time the Group constituted several Fincantieri Quality, Safety and Environment Committees in order to control every process that develops inside its production and business units. The team members of the Committees are executives and Quality & HSE managers. All Committees gather periodically and they are overseen by the management of each unit.

We continued the implementation and consolidation of management systems in the field of health and safety at work in our operating units, with the aim of supporting the implementation of the Policy carried out by the Company.

The Environmental, Health and Safety Policy summarizes the Company's intention clearly and is binding for all Fincantieri employees. It is addressed to all suppliers and is shared, in particular, through the coordination activities carried out continuously in the various production sites. Consistently with the contents of the Policy regarding the use of chemical products, restrictions are also imposed on all suppliers that are stricter than those provided for by existing legislation and there is the option of using substances with less of an impact on health, safety and the environment. With regard to health and safety at work compliance, OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 certification covers all the Italian productions sites.
The adoption of a management system in accordance with the highest international standards involves analysis of the risks for all those involved in the production process, whose involvement is also pursued through joint inspections in the different areas of the site.


The Marinette US yard is also certified for its Health and Safety at work Management System.

The VARD group obtained OHSAS 18001 certification for the VARD Braila, Tulcea yards in Romania and the VARD Vung Tau yard in Vietnam. All the VARD yards are aligned to the SA 8000 standard which is based on the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Vung Tau yard is also certified).

Training, information and prevention

Training, information and a prevention culture are essential values for the Company.

We are committed to continuous improvement initiatives which include the introduction and constant updating of information and training tools, as well as the methods and timescales for implementing them.
The multitude of initiatives developed since 2011 to support the internal communication project Towards Zero Injuries, the number of accidents has dropped dramatically (over 60%).


FINCANTIERI S.p.A. and INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at developing a safety at work culture and at implementing activities and projects to systematically reduce accidents and occupational diseases. The Memorandum followed on from long-term cooperation and defines the scope and implementation methodologies of the activities aimed at protecting the health and safety of workers:

  • production process analysis, with respect to the risks related to processing in the shipbuilding industry and in particular those risks arising from interferences of the activities of internal and external resources;
  • monitoring of the health and safety management system in place for contact work;
  • evolution analysis of the accident situation;
  • analysis of the near-miss mapping model, those events which potentially can cause accidents;
  • identification and implementation of new training and information initiatives aimed at promoting a culture of prevention.


The project, consisting of various action plans, has involved - at different times - Company employees as well as those of subcontractors integrated in the production process.

In this context, monthly "on-the-job" meetings have been scheduled in the workplace - rather than in the classroom - to deal with common risk situations and prevention methods. The initiative, called Active Safety/Seven Minutes, initially only involved resources employed by the Company but it has since been extended to all workers: Fincantieri "informs" its employees directly but also the employees of subcontractors.


A new tool has been made available since January 2018 that is aimed at protecting human resources and promoting correct behaviour, including from an environmental perspective: Together in Safety. This is a training video, also aimed at employees of subcontractors (a user catchment of around 30,000 people), which is watched when people enter the Group's production sites for the first time.


Like Towards Zero Injuries, VARD group has implemented its Vision Zero project, which aims to reduce the risk of any kind of accident, both for people and the environment. The positive trend in the results regarding accident prevention was confirmed in 2018.


The US subsidiaries have maintained a high commitment to safety and the environment and have received numerous awards for excellence. While Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding won the Shipbuilders Council of America Excellence in Safety Award for the fourth year running, Fincantieri Marinette Marine and Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding have been awarded the Excellence in Safety Award by the Shipbuilders Council of America.


Health and safety in the workplace: 2018-2022 Sustainability Plan objectives and targets

Commitments Objectives Description/ Target Benefits Timetable

Pursue improvements in workers’ health and safety

Obtain ISO 45001 certification

Move from the current OHSAS 18001 certification to the ISO 45001 standard. ISO 45001 certification defines the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Management System


100% of Italian yards certified

Minimise risks, improve levels of health and safety at work, improve the Company's image, reduce insurance premiums and financial guarantees where required



Initiatives to engage subcontractors (workshops, “last metre”) on issues associated with health and safety

Develop a project to engage subcontractors on issues of health and safety management


75% of the population that can be informed in Italy

Improve awareness and management of health and safety for subcontractors' workers



Health promotion to disseminate healthy lifestyles

Develop a project to promote health in the workplace aimed at disseminating healthy lifestyles and preventing illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, strokes, etc.


75% of the population that can be informed in Italy

Reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, reduce turnover, facilitate hiring and promotion of a positive image and one attentive to employees' needs



One of the goals behind the initiative is to transmit greater awareness of the logistics and operating context that the individual is going to work in as well as to reduce interference risks, which can arise in collaboration situations, between direct employees and subcontractor staff.


our target


workers: both in-house and sub-contractors




video clips for a total of 810 minutes of raw footage


HSE managers involved in the project


versions of the video course: 10 languages x 10 production units




possible interference risks


recommended prevention and protection best practices

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