Safety at work, workers’ health, the maintenance and improvement of work environments have always been our main drivers and the foundation of our policies which consider safety a strategic and development factor for the Company.

We carry out every single action with the health and safety of all workers in mind, whether they are employed by the Group or by subcontractors. The wellbeing of the individual lies at the center of each Company dynamic, in the awareness that safety is the right of all and the duty of everyone and it cannot be done without dialogue and collaboration.


In 2010, the Chief Executive Officer signed the first Safety Policy with the aim to affirm safety as an indispensable value and a priority in the choices made by the Group.

To ensure the health and safety of workers, we have drawn up the Health and Safety Policy, integrated with the environment and energy. The Policy is binding for all Fincantieri employees and it is addressed to all suppliers. It is shared, in particular, through the coordination activities carried out continuously in the various production sites.



We continued the implementation and consolidation of management systems in the field of health and safety at work in our operating units, with the aim of supporting the implementation of the Policy carried out by the Company.


Health and safety at work certification in compliance with ISO 45001 standard covers all the Italian productions sites and 74% at Group level. The adoption of a Management System in accordance with the highest international standards involves analysis of the risks for all those involved in the production process, whose involvement is also pursued through joint inspections in the different areas of the site.


In addition, the Vietnamese company Vung Tau and some Italian companies such as Fincantieri Infrastructure, Fincantieri Infrastructure Opere Marittime, FINSO, SOF and Fincantieri NexTech have SA 8000 (Social Accountability) certification, an international standard aimed at certifying certain aspects of company management pertaining to corporate social responsibility.


We have implemented specific guidelines and operational procedures to define the entire process of assessing Company risks, in particular those related to Health and Safety at Work. We constantly monitor the elements of risk present through environmental surveys and define specific prevention and protection measures, guaranteeing adequate monitoring which, within the protocols, provides for:


  • Periodic medical examinations;
  • Specialist investigations;
  • Diagnostic examinations.


As part of this process, also with a view to promoting personal well-being, meetings are held at each site with employees and Workers' Safety Representatives also to identify any sources of work-related stress.

By analyzing the results of the meetings and the valuation of specific Company indicators, the consequent initiatives to reduce risk (e.g. training, organizational measures) are defined, where necessary.
The risk of work-related stress, together with all the specific risks present, is dealt with in Company training courses.


We believe that the decrease in the injury issue can be achieved through cultural growth and professional development of all resources employed in business processes. For this reason, we invest in several initiatives to increase awareness, information and training.



  2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of recordable work-related injuries 343 301 339 254 265 296
Rate of work-related injuries 9.4 8.5 9.7 7.7 7.4 8.1
Severity index 0.3 0.3 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.3

The rate of work-related injuries was calculated as: (number of recordable work-related injuries/hours worked) *1,000,000.
The severity index was calculated as: (number of days lost due to injury/hours worked) *1,000.

The data refer to the Fincantieri Group

At both Group level and at the level of the individual site, the trend in injury data and rates for employees and the workers of contractors is constantly monitored and systematically reported to the various levels of responsibility as well as Top Management. The individual events that have led to accidents, as well as near misses, are the subject of detailed analysis and the dynamics that emerge suggest any necessary corrections.

Coordination meetings involving site prevention and protection managers are also held quarterly. Chaired by the Company’s Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) manager, these meetings involve analysing the data collected, sharing best practices and examining issues of common interest in order to identify improvement proposals on which to focus the Group’s activities.


In defining the objectives associated with variable remuneration, the performance of the individual production units in terms of Health and Safety at Work are reference parameters compared against the Company’s best practices.

Training, information and prevention

Training, information and a prevention culture are essential values for the Company.
We are committed to continuous improvement initiatives, which include the introduction and constant updating of information and training tools, as well as the methods and timescales for implementing them.


We provide our people with comprehensive training programs that can focus on equipment safety, proper waste management, but also healthy lifestyles.


FINCANTIERI S.p.A. and INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at developing a safety at work culture and at implementing activities and projects to systematically reduce accidents and occupational diseases. The Memorandum followed on from long-term cooperation and defines the scope and implementation methodologies of the activities aimed at protecting the health and safety of workers:


  • production process analysis, with respect to the risks related to processing in the shipbuilding industry and in particular those risks arising from interferences of the activities of internal and external resources;
  • monitoring of the health and safety management system in place for contact work;
  • evolution analysis of the accident situation;
  • analysis of the near-miss mapping model, those events which potentially can cause accidents;
  • identification and implementation of new training and information initiatives aimed at promoting a culture of prevention.

During 2022 an event (workshop) was organized, which was attended remotely by more than 300 people. On this occasion, HSE managers from Fincantieri and other major companies shared their own approaches to the topic of safety management in contract work for the purpose of improvement.


The project, consisting of various action plans, has involved – at different times – Company employees as well as those of subcontractors integrated in the production process on the topics of prevention and safety.


To consolidate good practices and the constant monitoring of production processes, coordination meetings on safety and the environment are organized which, scheduled at least every two weeks, are carried out directly in the production areas and envisages the participation of all the supervisors involved in production and the workers' safety representatives.


In Italy, the Active Safety project continued to provide training and information to all workers (direct employees and employees of contractors) present at individual sites. During working hours and directly at the workplace, the individual supervisors explain the subject to be studied in more detail to their staff, who are given an information sheet.


Since January 2018, the multimedia support Together in Safety has been made available in all Italian sites. It is a valid tool to protect all the resources involved in the production process and promote correct behaviour, including from an environmental perspective. This is a training video, with a duration of around three hours, also aimed at employees of subcontractors (a user catchment of around 30,000 people) and it is available in the 10 languages most commonly used in Fincantieri shipyards. The tool must be watched in the classroom when people enter the Group's production sites for the first time.
Among the goals behind the initiative is to transmit greater awareness of the logistics and operating context in which the individual is going to work for the consequent reduction of interference risks that can arise in situations of concomitant workings.


  • 30,000 our target
  • 100 workers: both in-house and sub-contractors
  • 10 languages
  • 1,839 video clips for a total of 810 minutes of raw footage
  • 10 HSE managers involved in the project
  • 100 versions of the video course: 10 languages x 10 production units
  • 150 minutes
  • 35 possible interference risks
  • 180 recommended prevention and protection best practices


Like Towards Zero Injuries, VARD has implemented Vision Zero project, which aims to reduce the risk of any kind of accident, both for people and the environment.

Further initiatives have been implemented:

• using the Safety Observation tool to report any anomalies found;
• reporting health and safety indicators at the monthly management meetings;
• organization of an internal accident prevention week;
• monthly discussions on health and safety (required by law in Brazil);
• electing an internal commission for the prevention of accidents;
• the internal distribution, based on the Group’s guidelines, of a booklet with the ten golden rules for health and safety at work.


The US subsidiaries have maintained a high commitment to safety and the environment and have received numerous awards for excellence. The Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA) awarded the Excellence in Safety Award to Fincantieri Marinette Marine and the Improvement in Safety Award to Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding (Sturgeon Bay) for health and safety at the two shipyards. Fincantieri Marinette Marine also received the Excellence in Safety Award.

Fincantieri Ace Marine and Fincantieri Marinette Marine have developed and launched the SLAM (Stop, Look, Assess, Manage) program that involves the employees and aims to promote a pro-active vision of health and safety in the workplace.


A health promotion project was developed to disseminate healthy lifestyles. The initiative was launched as part of the Fincantieri for the Future project and involved all the people at Fincantieri S.p.A. and its Italian subsidiaries.

The following subject areas were defined and addressed:

  • guide to healthy eating;
  • informed consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • medical prevention.


A flyer was drawn up for each subject area and sent by e-mail following communication of the project launch. The communication and the three flyers were also published on the company intranet and displayed on monitors in company canteens. Paper copies of the flyers were disseminated widely to all personnel based on the communication channels deemed most appropriate within each production site (handing them out at predefined and strategic occasions or locations, such as company infirmaries).

The entire project was implemented with the assistance of the company's Chief Medical Officer and the launch of the initiative was discussed in advance with the Workers' Representatives.

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Health and safety in the workplace: 2018-2022 Sustainability Plan objectives and targets

Commitments Objectives Description/ Target Benefits Status Timetable

Continuous improvement of workers’ health and safety conditions

Obtain ISO 45001 certification

Move from the current OHSAS 18001 certification to the ISO 45001 standard. ISO 45001 certification defines the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Management System


100% of Italian yards certified

Minimize risks, improve levels of health and safety at work, improve the Company's image, reduce insurance premiums and financial guarantees where required



In 2020, all the Italian sites completed the migration process to the new ISO 45001 standard.



Optimization of the use of supplier evaluation tools

Extend the perimeter of suppliers, operating within the operating units of Fincantieri S.p.A., evaluated through score-cards with specific reference to safety and environmental issues


The activity will be divided into the following stages:

2020 - 100% main contractors

2021 - 100% contractors with a significant presence (40 man-days/month in the six-month period)

2022 - Identification of criteria for awarding scores on the degree of health, safety and environmental compliance

Strengthen the monitoring of the supplier base and greater risk control on safety and environmental issues



2020: perimeter of the suppliers in appraisal was widened, even if due to the COVID-19 pandemic event - which placed the functions tasked with the assessments on the front line - it was impossible to attain the objective of covering 100% of the main contractors.

2021: the entire base of main contractors and suppliers with derogation contracts with a significant presence within Fincantieri S.p.A. shipyards was evaluated for a total number of 1,012 assessments.

2022: criteria for scoring against the HSE level of compliance were identified within the e-NGAGE project (Supplier Portal), which were then entered into the HSE section of the SupplHI tool. This data will help determine the supplier's overall Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating.



Promotion of initiatives to engage subcontractors on issues associated with health and safety

Develop a project («last metre») to engage subcontractors on issues of health and safety management


75% of subcontractors present in Italian yards

Improve awareness and management of health and safety for subcontractors’ workers



In December 2022, the vessel divisions and contact persons of the various production units were informed of the methods for implementing the project, which will involve contractor company personnel, along with Fincantieri staff, on health and safety management issues. The initiative, developed at Fincantieri S.p.A. level, will focus on behavioural elements and aims to engage and empower individual workers, whether direct employees or contractor company personnel.



Health promotion to disseminate healthy lifestyles

Develop a project to promote health in the workplace aimed at disseminating healthy lifestyles and preventing illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, strokes, etc.


75% of employees of Fincantieri S.p.A. and Italian subsidiaries

Reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, reduce turnover, facilitate hiring and promotion of a positive image and one attentive to employees' needs


The initiative was launched as part of the Fincantieri for the Future project and involved all the people at Fincantieri S.p.A. and its Italian subsidiaries. The following subject areas were defined and addressed: guide to healthy eating, informed consumption of alcoholic beverages, medical prevention.



Improvement of health and safety at work performance

Obtain further improvement in the initiatives aimed at eliminating accidents and protecting the health of workers and the working environment


Reduction of the severity index:

15% of the severity index (no. of days lost due to injury / hours worked x 1,000) compared to 2017 for Fincantieri S.p.A.


Reduction of the frequency index:

5% of the frequency index (no. of injuries / hours worked x 1,000,000) compared to 2017 for Fincantieri S.p.A.

Confirm the Company's constant commitment to:

• Improving health and safety in the workplace performance

• Mitigate the risk of injury to employees 



The actions carried out over the past 5 years have made it possible to significantly reduce the number of accidents and achieve the goals set at the Fincantieri S.p.A. level. The severity index was reduced by 19% and the injury rate/frequency rate by 22% compared to 2017.

Severity Index:
2017: 0.48
2018: 0.59
2019: 0.44
2020: 0.48
2021: 0.45
2022: 0.39

Injury rate/frequency rate:
2017: 18.59
2018: 19.79
2019: 16.43
2020: 14.82
2021: 13.90
2022: 14.51



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