To facilitate and promote the main issues relating to business ethics and raise awareness of the regulatory framework and the repercussions arising from the adoption of an Organization, Management and Control Model among all employees, Fincantieri has designed a training architecture that accompanies the employee from the moment they are hired and throughout their professional development within the company with periodic refresher training and institutional training events.

Therefore, this training system aims to promote greater awareness of employees regarding the Organizational Model and the administrative liability of legal entities under Legislative Decree 231. Training content is developed in collaboration with a leading international consultancy firm and is divided into "general" and "special" modules, enabling targeted dissemination of information based on an employee's position and responsibilities.

The "general" module illustrates the principle of the liability of entities and companies with the aim of spreading and sharing - at all levels of the Company - those measures adopted by Fincantieri to prevent crimes being committed by individuals that could entail liability for the Company. The "special" modules, on the other hand, give in-depth analysis, for attorneys and employees of specific company functions, regarding certain types of crimes that are particularly relevant for Fincantieri in relation to crimes such as corruption involving government authorities and between private parties, corporate crimes and crimes relating to the health and safety of workers and environmental protection. Periodic refresher training is also provided, customized for the organizational area, which enable employees to focus on the issues, regulations and related updates that have the greatest impact on their daily work.

Participants fill in a questionnaire at the end of training in order to ensure that the training is effective and to evaluate and monitor its content as well as the case studies, the methodologies used and the necessity of updates.

Group-wide anti-corruption training is shown in the table below:

  2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019
FINCANTIERI 99 7 69 55 500 1,140 0 2 668 1,204
VARD 9 3 38 6 75 53 47 78 169 140
FMG 31 0 129 0 387 0 23 0 570 0
FMSNA 1 3 8 11 16 24 31 27 56 65
TOTAL 140 13 244 72 978 1,217 101 107 1,463 1,409
% of total employees 37% 3% 21% 6% 14% 16% 1% 1% 8% 7%