Our main objective is to maintain and strengthen our world leadership in all the high value-added segments in which the Fincantieri Group operates, aiming to acquire, to maintain and to strengthen the role of global leader. We are attentive to potential commercial, regulatory and environmental developments, continually seeking innovative and high value-added solutions that anticipate our customers' needs. Our competitive advantage lies in our capability to design and deliver highly technological and customized solutions, this is especially evident in the integration of complex systems.

In the current environment, where the challenges associated with the green and digital transition combined with the impacts of COVID-19 impose a radical transformation of business models, we have confirmed our position as one of the most competitive global players, thanks to our flexibility and ability to adapt to significant changes in market needs. The latter require us to adopt a continuous process of change in order to develop new technologies to implement our product portfolio and recover productivity. The ability to understand and anticipate changes in the markets in which we operate and the constant updating of our products and processes are therefore the key features of our Company.

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