Fincantieri aims at maintaining its position as world leader in all shipbuilding segments that require advanced and high value-added solutions. Fincantieri's technological leadership is based on our high capacity to innovate, and on our system integrator know-how; it is an essential target that we aim at, by considering technological development and continuous improvement as key goals of every action, project, initiative, and decision made by the Group.

"As the World only shipbuilding company able to perform in all high value segments, Fincantieri needs to constantly address the peculiar challenges to our activities. This means both offering an efficient product capable of satisfying customer needs, and also effectively responding to commercial, production, regulatory, and environmental issues that will determine the future operational scenarios."

Innovation of products and working methods is therefore one of the Fincantieri's core values, which has lead the Group to be among the globally most competitive actors in its segment.


A business subject to cyclical trends over time, such as the shipbuilding one, requires considerable flexibility in order for any company to enter new market segments. This flexibility can only be guaranteed by careful managing innovation strategies.


Therefore, the Group has introduced a number of processes to support new and existing business lines as well as both long and short term strategies to seize technological innovation.

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