First class travel for all

Meticulous, selective, dynamic and aimed at only a very few constructors: this is the global cruise ship business in which Fincantieri is a leader and present in all segments of the cruise market. Because our success consists of experiences and skills that arrive from across the sea.

An innate ability to make all the difference

Fincantieri and cruise ships: a success story from across the sea. By the beginning of the 20th century the Group was already making waves around the world for its skill in building ships that were unique in terms of design, elegance, interior design and engineering solutions. Its leadership was underpinned by its having built the best-known and most iconic Italian transatlantic liner: the Rex. Built at the Genoa shipyard, the Rex is remembered for winning the Blue Riband in 1933, having beaten the record for crossing the Atlantic.

The Company was one of the first in the 1980s to take up the opportunity of the new trend in the cruise tourist industry and it approached the market by drawing on the experience it had acquired in previous decades as builder of transatlantic liners. It was at the start of the ’90s when the Crown Princess was delivered, a sparkling gem that was to become the stuff of legend, with its dolphin-like silhouette designed by Renzo Piano.

Today the Company is the undisputed leader in designing and building dream ships for the most important cruise line companies. With over 100 vessels built since 1990, Fincantieri is the increasingly important market leader in all segments, as the figures confirm: one third of the world's cruise ship fleet capability came out of our shipyards, and we carry 8 million passengers a year around the world, or one in every three cruisegoers.

To accomplish and keep up these record-breaking achievements we have focused on technological innovation and on our skill in ensuring that functionality and on-board pleasure are in perfect harmony, using novel forms and design.

We can already see the future. We develop new generations of ships to respond to and anticipate demand from the world’s fleet owners.

A market and technology leader in all segments

Premium/Upper Premium, superior quality in grand style

Ships for the most discerning passengers, with dedicated and exclusive areas and facilities.

Luxury, the very finest details

Select ships on a more intimate scale offering exclusive destinations, services, décor and spaces, including generous cabins.

Contemporary, designed to offer the utmost in fun

Spectacular vessels over 100,000 gross tons packed with amenities: the ship herself becomes the destination.

Exploration/Niche, the pleasure of exploring new frontiers

“Themed” ships for special cruises, by river or to the Antarctic, for travellers-cum-explorers.


What genereally needs on average to build a cruise ship


mof public rooms: enough to cover 3 football pitches


km of cables: over 7 times the distance from Rome to Venice


hours of planning


working hours in the shipyard