Seacure by design

E-phors, Center of Excellence of Fincantieri, was established in 2020 as an extension of the Group's cybersecurity department.

Specializing in cybersecurity strategies and solutions for Fincantieri and its main subsidiaries, the company has strengthened its expertise in the maritime sector, becoming a benchmark for major clients in the cruise and defense industries.

Aiming to create cyber-resilient ships, E-phors employs a Cyber Security by Design approach, developing processes, strategies, and solutions that span the entire life cycle of a ship, since the initial phases of functional engineering and construction.

These competencies have enabled E-phors to establish a strategic partnership with the Italian Navy, aimed at enhancing the cyber resilience of naval defense fleets and improving the capabilities of crews in preventing and counteracting cyber-attacks.


Via Carlo Ottavio Cornaggia 10,
20123 Milano
T. +39 06 65042578
E-mail: segreteriaAD-ephors@e-phors.com

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