FINCANTIERI operates according to the principle of fair competition with honesty, integrity, uprightness and goodwill and with the highest degree of respect for the lawful interests of shareholders, employees, customers, commercial and financial partners, as well as those of the states and communities where it develops its activities. In particular, FINCANTIERI proactively promotes Corporate Social Responsibility – interpreted as a social and environmental concern integrated into its business model – by communicating all relative activities in its periodic reports.

All those who work at FINCANTIERI, without any distinction or exception, are committed to observing and guaranteeing the observation of these principles with respect to their own functions and responsibilities. The conviction that one is operating in the interests or to the advantage of the Company may in no way whatsoever justify a conduct in conflict with these principles.
In view of the complexity of the situations in which FINCANTIERI is involved, it is imperative that the values acknowledged, accepted and shared by the Group, as well as all internal and external responsibilities it assumes, be clearly reiterated. It is for this reason that this Code of Conduct (the “Code”) has been drawn up. Its observance by all those working for the Company is of paramount importance for the good operation, reliability and reputation of the Group, assets that are decisive for the success of the enterprise.

The employees of FINCANTIERI, in addition to fulfilling their general duties of loyalty, faithfulness, honesty and compliance with their employment contract in good faith, shall refrain from carrying out activities in competition with those of the Group, shall comply with Company regulations and shall follow the provisions of this Code. The relationships between employees of any level shall be based on clearness, fairness, loyalty and mutual respect.


Managers and all of those working for the Company must have knowledge of this Code, actively contribute to its observance, and report any weakness or evidence of non-compliance.

FINCANTIERI undertakes to promote the awareness of this Code among its employees and encourage their constructive contribution to its contents. Any conduct in conflict with the letter and spirit of this Code shall be punished in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Code. The principles set forth in this Code of Conduct may be supported by specific provisions, regulations or internal procedures aimed at making its application more practical and timely. This Code shall be brought to the knowledge of all those with whom FINCANTIERI entertains business relations.
FINCANTIERI shall supervise the observance of this Code, providing suitable information, prevention and control instruments, as well as ensuring the transparency of the operations and behavior adopted.

The Board of Directors and Company Management shall monitor compliance with this Code of Conduct and its application. They may also forward proposals that integrate or amend its content.

Respect for the laws, regulations and the code of conduct

Fincantieri respects the laws and regulations in force in each Country or context in which it operates, consistent with the principles, objectives and commitments defined in the Code.

Client relationships and commercial activities

All actions and activities performed or planned by Fincantieri must be legitimate, checkable, comply with the established regulations, procedures, and regulations and be based on correct and complete information. In commercial, promotional, and industrial relationships, the Company acts according to ethical and legal regulations.

Relations with customers and suppliers

Fincantieri seeks correct, transparent relationships with its customers and suppliers by offering competitive products and respecting the rules of fair competition. Supplier selection and determination of purchase conditions, performed by Group companies, must be based on an objective evaluation of the quality, price and ability of the supplier to guarantee an adequate level of service.

Assets owned by the company

Each employee must conserve and protect the assets and resources that the Company entrusts them with to perform their responsibilities.

Human resources, safety and environment

Fincantieri is committed to guaranteeing the professionalism of its employees as well as the health and safety of its employees, external collaborators, customers and communities affected by its business and to reducing its environmental impact.

Precision and audits of accounts and records

Fincantieri's financial, accounting and management proof must be based on precise, complete, and verifiable information, in line with the hierarchical structure and organisation of the Company.

Loyalty to the company and conflict of interest

Fincantieri maintains a relationship of trust and loyalty with each of its employees. They must be loyal and faithful and pursue the company’s interests. Employees must avoid any situation or activity that could lead to a conflict of interest or that could interfere with their ability to make impartial decisions, in the best interests of the Company.

Confidential information

Information must not be shared that is of a confidential nature, in relation to knowledge or data that belongs to the Company. This information must not be used, communicated or disclosed without specific authorization by the individuals responsible for this information, knowledge or data.

Relationships with public institutions

Contacts with public officials or government authorities, the public administration, and Italian, European or foreign institutions are limited to those that, upon specific authorization, are assigned to negotiate with or contact these administrations, public officials, authorities, organisations, and/or institutions.

Reports on union political organisations

Fincantieri regulates its relationships with political organizations and labour unions exclusively based on the current laws, regulations and agreements/contracts, guaranteeing the highest principles of transparency and correct conduct.

Relationships with the press and media

Information for external use must be truthful and transparent.

Effects of violation

Violation of the Code of Conduct compromises the trust between the Company and employee.