The Board of Directors, in compliance with the provisions of Recommendation 13(c) of the Corporate Governance Code, on the proposal of all the independent Directors appointed independent Director Valter Trevisani as Lead Independent Director ("LID") for the entire term of office of the Board of Directors, and approved the Lead Independent Director Regulation (the "LID Regulation"), which governs how the LID is appointed and the meetings of the independent Directors.


The LID in accordance with the provisions of the LID Regulation:


  • represents a reference and coordination point for the requests and contributions of the Company’s non-executive directors and, specifically, of the independent directors within the Board;
  • collaborates with the Chairman of the Board to ensure that the Company's directors receive complete and prompt information flows;
  • calls meetings of the Company's independent directors and coordinates these meetings to discuss issues of interest regarding the operation of the Board or the management of the Company;
  • performs any further tasks assigned by the Board as they arise.



Independent Director