The “Extraordinary plan against mafia, and delegation to Government on anti-mafia legislation” (Law 136/2010) came into force on September 7, 2010. This legislation requires companies that participate in any capacity in public procurement, or which are involved as suppliers or subcontractors in project which benefit from public funds (regional, national or European), to use current accounts (bank or post office) that are dedicated, even on a non-exclusive basis, to public-sector procurement contracts and to use them for every relevant financial transaction.

In addition, Art. 3, paragraph 1 of Law 136/2010 requires all financial transactions relating to such procurement contracts to be made by bank or post office transfer or by other means of collection or payment that allow transactions to be traced.
Therefore, in order to comply with the above regulations, suppliers are invited to communicate the coordinates of the bank or post office current account to which Fincantieri will make payments, using the attached facsimile and expressly stating the details of the contract(s) concerned.

We take this opportunity to remind you that suppliers are also required to provide the contracting authority with a statement containing identifying details of the dedicated current accounts, the names and tax numbers of the authorized signatories, as well as any future changes in the information previously sent (see Related resources, Traceability of flows).