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We act responsibly towards the people in the territories where we operate, supporting and involving local communities and associations with initiatives that promote employment and integration, enhance diversities, promote education programs, protect health and support research.

Our lines of action

We are a point of reference for the territories where we carry out our business. We try to build solid relations with institutions, public administrations and local communities in order to define opportunities for growth and development.

Promoting educational and training programmes

The Group has always been engaged in the promotion of educational and training programmes in order to create a pool of specialized human resources to foster the Fincantieri system, with specific reference to the network of suppliers, in order to cope with the workload.

Strenghtening the Group identity

We promote recreational initiatives within the Group’s companies to encourage meetings and exchanges of ideas between employees. We want to raise awareness of our activities to people outside the Group by opening up our production sites to local communities.

Safeguarding the artistic, historic and cultural heritage

Culture can drive growth in the territory. The Group is actively involved in recovering and enhancing artistic and historical peculiarities and supporting cultural initiatives in order to enhance the attractiveness of the interested areas and increasing their development opportunities. 

Supporting scientific reseaRch and technological innovation

Scientific research and technological innovation are key elements for a sustainable future. Fincantieri promotes multiple activities aimed at spreading a culture of technological innovation and research and it supports the realization of scientific projects with the contribution of scholars and experts.

Supporting the vulnerable

Supporting people in difficulty and promoting of volunteer initiatives for disadvantaged communities is an issue about which the Group feels strongly this feeling is translated into practical help through numerous initiatives.

Ensuring health protection and promoting research

Our contribution primarily consists of initiatives to support the medical-scientific sector or to support the sick. We are convinced that it is only through scientific research that we can improve people’s quality of life and prospects, because health protection is an ethical and social value of primary importance.

Raising awareness about climate change

Respect for the environment, for local territories and for each individual with whom we share areas and activities, is an essential prerequisite to ensure the continuity and growth of our Group over time, to the benefit of future generations.