Innovation Projects



  • ECHO (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations); "Research and Innovation action" aiming at developing a new coordinated and integrated approach in order to proactively increase the EU cyberdefense, through efficient tran-sectional partnerships. Participant contract n. 830943; EU funding 585.000 euro
  • LeanSHIPS (Low Energy And Near to zero emissions Ships); "Innovation Action" aiming at analyzing innovative demonstrators to make new and existing ships more efficient and less polluting. Participant contract n. 636146; EU funding 1.563.000 euro
  • HOLISHIP (HOLIstic optimisation of SHIP design and operation for life cycle); "Research and Innovation Action" aiming at minimising the total cost of the ship over its life cycle. Participant contract n. 689074; EU funding 520.000 euro
  • RAMSSES (Realisation and Demonstration of Advanced Material Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Ships); "Innovation Action" aiming at identifying advanced materials in the European maritime industry. Participant contract n. 723246; EU funding 581.000 euro


  • OCEAN2020 (Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess); The project aims to introduce and increase the use of situational awareness concepts in the maritime environment. Participant contract n. 801697; EU funding 250.000 euro
  • FLOWIS (FLOW IN SERVICE); The project aims to develop hydrodynamic investigation techniques to analyse the performance of military vessels' propeller thrusters under 'off-design' conditions. EU funding 271.000 euro
  • SRA UPDATE (Captech MARITIME SRA update); The project aims to improve offshore structure security by developing underwater guide and control systems and by boosting intelligence and monitoring capability for ships, submarines and autonomous vessels. EU funding 20.000 euro


Ministry of Economic Development (MISE)

  • TecBIA (Environmentally sustainable technologies for on-board power production); The project aims to build a 25 m ship-laboratory in order to study environmentally sustainable technologies for on-board power production. Funding 5.077.000 euro
  • ISDM (Data and Process model for smart ship production); The project aims to increase the design process efficiency and integration, in relation to downstream activities (supply chain, procurement, production and after sales). Moreover, the project aims to renovate the support technical systems; Funding 1.500.000 euro

Ministry of Education, Research and University (MIUR)

  • TRIM (Technology and Industrial Research for marine mobility); The project aims to improve and develop new and existing technologies in order to make hull and propulsion system more efficient. An additional project objective is to achieve running resistance reduction on passenger ships. Contribution 789.000 euro
  • ARES (Marine support platform for air and underwater drones); The project aims to increase the operational capabilities of a maritime platform through a cooperative system for surface and underwater drones. Funding 200.000 euro
  • TEOREMA (Technological Solutions for Multipurpose Energy Offshore Platforms); The project will enable to design and test innovative offshore energy technologies, through the development of new concepts for technological advanced platforms for: solar power; eolic power; wave power; MFC technologies. Funding 68.000 euro

National Military Research Plan (PNRM)

  • Far Seas; The project aims to support the use of lithium batteries for submarines. Contribution 413.000 euro
  • DECEIVING PROP; The project aims to introduce acoustic camouflage techniques. Contribution 34.000 euro
  • UPV; The project aims to devolop new technologies for autonomous patrol vessels. Funding 192.000 euro


Liguria Region

  • CYBER (Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructures); The project aims to develop a new Cyber Security system for the Region's critical port infrastructures. Funding 183.000 euro


  • PRELICA (Advanced methodologies for hydro-acoustic design of naval propeller); The project aims to reduce hydro-acoustic emissions of the naval propeller, through accurate forecasts capable of simulating radiated noise at all frequencies. Funding 201.000 euro
  • MAESTRI (Macro Cabin Modules and Integrated Structures for Cruise Ships); The project aims to overcome existing design and technological obstacles to increase number of passenger cabins on equal ship tonnage. Funding 362.000 euro
  • ConfCab (Silent cabin on flooting floors and decoupled decks); The project aims to define, develop and validate innovative technologies which enable to reduce in-cabin noise and vibrations through dismountable pillar, suspension of the cabin separation-walls and and floating floor integrated with the cabin. Funding 70.000 euro
  • Glu&Nav (Innovative products and processes for semi-structural bonding on board); The project aims to develop adhesives for the shipbuilding sector and standardise the bonding application process in order to reduce costs and speed up the application while improving the eco-sustainability of the fitting operations of the ship. Funding 48.000 euro