Innovation Projects


Framework H2020

  • FLARE (FLooding Accident REsponse); “Research and Innovation Action” aiming at developing a Risk-Based methodology for 'live' flooding risk assessment for passenger ships. Participant contract n. 814753; CUP G92C19000140006; EU funding 305,812.50 euro
  • ECHO (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations); "Research and Innovation action" aiming at developing a new coordinated and integrated approach in order to proactively increase the EU cyberdefense, through efficient tran-sectional partnerships. Participant contract n. 830943; CUP G92C19000150006; EU funding 585,000 euro
  • SAFEMODE (Strengthening synergies between Aviation and maritime in the area of human Factors towards achieving more Efficient and resilient MODEs of transportation): the main aim of the project is to develop a novel HUman Risk Informed Design (HURID) framework in order to identify, collect and assess Human Factors data to provide properly risk-based systems design and operative procedures. Participant contract n. 814961. EU funding 252,000 euros
  • STASHH (Standard-Sized Heavy-duty Hydrogen): The project aims to achieve modularity on a European standard for fuel cell units for both land and maritime transport. Participant contract n. 101005934. EU Funding 31.937,5 euro
  • SATURN (Solutions @ Underwater Radiated Noise): the project, active in the radiated noise reduction of noise field, aims to develop innovative simulation models, technological solutions and approaches to real-scale measurements, contributing to the definition of new standards. Participant contract n. 101006443. EU funding 375.687,5 euro
  • SEA-BAT (Solutions for largE bAtteries for waterBorne trAnsporT): the project aims to develop a full-electric maritime concept based on combining modular high-energy and high-power batteries, novel converter concepts and solutions derived from the automotive sector. Participant contract n. 963560.  EU funding 801.000 euro.
  • GATER (GATE Rudder System as a Retrofit for the Next Generation Propulsion and Steering of Ships): the action objective is the development, assessment and demonstration of an innovative system able to increase the ship efficiency in terms of propulsion and manoeuvrability, through a direct test on an existing vessel. Participant contract n. 860337. EU funding 297.850 euro


  • INTERACT: the project aims at studying the command, communication and control system of UxV drones and the development of both the infrastructure for the communication with unmanned vehicles and the logics of functional integration with naval platforms. EU funding 40.000 euro

Framework Life

  • PIAQUO (Practical Implementation of AQUO): cooperative project aimed to mitigate issues related to underwater noise and reduce noise impact on the marine ecosystem by the optimization of propellers and by the development of a self-assessment real time model. CUP G32C19000110004; EU funding 477,000 euros


  • EALING (European flagship Action for cold ironing in ports): the project aims to accelerate the effective deployment of On-shore Power Supply (OPS) solutions in the EU maritime ports. EU funding 60.000 euro


  • GREENSHIP (Toward zero ship emission): the project aims to develop an e-learning course for the training of a new figure on board the ship: the "Emission Manager" in compliance with the new IMO requirements.EU funding 34.924 euro


• SEA DEFENCE (Survivability, Electrification, Automation, Detectability, Enabling Foresight of European Naval Capabilities in Extreme Conditions): SEA Defense is a feasibility study aimed at defining a roadmap of technologies to be included in next generation of naval platforms in relation to emerging threats. The activities will focus on reduction of signatures, increasing of the survivability against new threats, improvement of the operability in extreme conditions, enhancement of electrical generation and storage systems, integration of innovative radar antennas on topside and increasing in the level of automation. CUP n. G32C20001170004; EU funding 1.923.599,25 euro


FUEL CELL SYSTEM FOR SURFACE VESSELS: the project aims to develop a modular Fuel Cell system suitable for naval vessel applications,
derived from solutions currently applied in other industrial sectors. The feasibility will be demonstrated on shore by means of a suitable low power Proof of Concept. The demonstrator will enable the connection to the on-board electrical network of a surface vessel in order to power one or more equipment. Funding 2.740.000 euro
ENERGY CONSUMPTION OPTIMIZATION: the project aims to study innovative architectures and equipment to improve the overall efficiency of the electrical network of surface naval vessels and monitor their consumption. The objective will be pursued through the integration of technologies and configurations of alternative systems purchasable from the naval and industrial market. A software simulator will also be provided to estimate energy savings in the event of the introduction of the newtechnologies. Funding 491.000 euro
DIGITAL SHIP: the project aims to develop cost-effective simulation tools over the entire life span of the ship, intended to improve the processes of design, decision support and predictive maintenance, through the reduction of experimental tests. Funding 3.079.000 euro
WINNING A SEA STATE: the project aims to develop engineering methods and tools to allow surface vessels to operate safely in higher sea states than is currently feasible. Funding 1.774.000 euro


Ministry of Economic Development (MISE)

  • TecBIA (Environmentally sustainable technologies for on-board power production); The project aims to build a 25 m ship-laboratory in order to study environmentally sustainable technologies for on-board power production. CUP n. B98I17000680008; Funding 5,077,000 euro
  • Marghera shipyard production process innovation: project focused on the achievement of recent requirements for yards and infrastructure in order to optimize the building phases of large ship sections in Marghera shipyard by the review of the layout and the production process. Funding to be defined. 
  • Monfalcone shipyard production process innovation: the project has the strategic goal to significantly innovate the cruise ships production process focusing on efficiency and quality of the sections mounting and outfitting in order to reduce basin hold timings. Funding 2,956,000 euros
  • STESS (Systems and technologies to improve after sales services): the project focuses on the development of technologies, guidelines and processes to prospectively set up the offer and the delivery of a complete after sales service in bundle with Fincantieri products. CUP n. B91B19000540008; Funding 2,339,000 euros
  • GreenCruise (Development and testing of new tools, processes and methodologies improving the products sustainability): the proget aims to developo technologies, design and buildng procedeures and to produce and prototype of several solutions to be tested and assessed in order to improve the the sustainability and the safety of the next-generation of the large cruise-ships. Funding 2,690,000 euro
  • SCAFO 4.0 (Hull production 4.0): The project aims to optimize the hull production processes leveraging on the integration of production and quality control processes and the introduction of the most innovative set-up, monitoring and control technologies. Funding 896.000 euro.

Ministry of Education, Research and University (MIUR)

  • TRIM (Technology and Industrial Research for marine mobility); The project aims to improve and develop new and existing technologies in order to make hull and propulsion system more efficient. An additional project objective is to achieve running resistance reduction on passenger ships. CUP n.  B58F13000410008; Contribution 789,000 euro
  • ARES (Marine support platform for air and underwater drones); The project aims to increase the operational capabilities of a maritime platform through a cooperative system for surface and underwater drones. CUP n.  B36G18001060008; Funding 200,000 euro
  • TEOREMA (Technological Solutions for Multipurpose Energy Offshore Platforms); The project will enable to design and test innovative offshore energy technologies, through the development of new concepts for technological advanced platforms for: solar power; eolic power; wave power; MFC technologies. CUP n.  B86G16000450001; Funding 68,000 euro
  • THALASSA (TecHnology And materials for safe Low consumption And low life cycle cost veSSels And crafts): the project aims to study and to develop innovative technologies and advanced materials intended to be employed in the shipyards supply chain in order to satisfy needs raised by companies involved in the project and by challenges set by European, national and regional programs dealing with smart, green and integrated maritime transportations. The approach is based on two key elements: sustainability, related to performances, and life cycle analysis. Materials, building systems and processes, on which the project is focused, will undergo an innovation process aimed to improve the current technological state of art. CUP n.  B46C18000720005; Funding 353,000 euros

National Military Research Plan (PNRM)

  • AVNT _ FASE 2 e 3 (Advanced Virtual Naval Theatre –  Poligono di Tiro Mobile Navale): AVNT is a semiautomatic system for measuring the points of drop of projectiles fired from a ship for the evaluation of shooting performance in deep water. In particular, during PHASE II activities will focus on the design and development of the Centralized Operational Console (including the SW for the automatic detection of the projectiles fall point), of the communication system and of the project regarding the installation of Local Stations for both ground and on board detection. Furthermore, PHASE III includes the execution of Test campaigns and data collection on board the naval units. CIG n. ZA32904BF5. Funding 615.000 euro
  • AIP 2 (Reactants storage and production systems for second generation Fuel cell / 2nd phase): the objectives of the project are defined by the feasibility, study, design, construction and validation of a technological demonstrator relating to a propulsion system, independent from air, to be applied to submarines and based on Fuel Cell technology. During phase 2, the project will carry out study and experimentation activities aimed at the completion of the AIP system, intended as a technological demonstrator, and at its validation in an environment close to the representative one. CIG n. Z0C24444040. Funding 248.000 euro


Liguria Region

  • AWARE (Digital Twin and Industrial Internet of Things for Manufacturing 4.0): The project aims to significantly improve monitoring operations, assistance to operators, supply chain planning and the production process thanks to the application of innovative technologies such as Digital Twin and Internet of Things (IoT); CUP n. G32C21000610007; Funding 343.375,71 euro


  • ALSO4 (Automated Laser Scanner Operations): the project focuses on the research and development of optoelectronic control systems based on "laser scanner" technology in order to create a working prototype for the three-dimensional measurement of ships blocks and sections. This technology will enable the digitalization of manual processes for dimensional and geometric conformity of hull blocks and sections. CUP n. D41B19000350007. Funding 199,000 euro


  • SI-MARE (Innovative Solutions for High Efficient Vessels): study of structural solutions with the employment of lightweight and advanced materials for maritime applications. CUP n. G48I18001090007; Funding 461,000 euros


  • IFuture (Accordo di programma per la costituzione del centro di ricerca e innovazione di IFM): the project aims to build an innovation and development center within its company as well as to develop a new engine for industrial applications. Funding 17.977.000 euro