Examples of innovation projects

The Fincantieri Group develops numerous research projects at European, national and regional level in collaboration with its partners and in line with the Open Innovation strategy. Most projects are completed thanks to the Group’s investments. Some projects also receive funding from the relevant public bodies. The main projects financed are:

In Europe

Horizon 2020

  • LeanSHIPS (Low Energy And Near to Zero Emissions Ships), “Innovation Action” with the aim of examining innovative demonstrators to make new and existing ships more efficient and less polluting. Participant, H2020 contract no. 636146
  • HOLISHIP (HOLIstic optimisation of SHIP design and operation for life cycle), “Research and Innovation Action” which aims to minimise the total cost of the ship over its life cycle. Participant, contract no. 689074
  • RAMSSES (Realisation and Demonstration of Advanced Material Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Ships), “Innovation Action” which aims to obtain recognition of advanced materials in the European maritime industry. Participant, contract no. 723246

EDA – “European Defence Agency”

  • FLOWIS: development of hydrodynamic investigation techniques to analyse the performance of military vessels’ propeller thrusters under 'off-design' conditions
  • OCEAN 2020 (Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess), the project aims to introduce and increase the use of situational awareness concepts in the maritime environment. Participant, contract no. 801697

In Italy

Ministry of Transport (MIT) - Shipbuilding Call

  • “Agorà” cruise ship
  • Technological Leadership
  • “Project XL” cruise ship
  • Ice Breaker Ship for Oceanographic Research
  • “Project Virgin” cruise ship
  • Motor yacht over 100m in length

MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) - Calls for Sustainable Industry, Digital Agenda, Innovation Agreements

  • ISDM - Data and process model for the intelligent production of ships
  • TECBIA - Low environmental impact technologies for energy production on ships

MIUR (Ministry of Industry, Universities and Research): “Transport Italy 2020” Cluster, “Blue Italian Growth” Cluster

  • ARES - Support platform for underwater and air drones
  • TRIM - Technology and industrial research for marine mobility
  • TEOREMA - Technological solutions for multi-purpose offshore energy platforms
  • PIXIS - Integrated mast for the military ship system
  • PRODIFCON - Definition of a tool that provides decision support to the command team

PNRM (National Military Research Plan)

  • FAR SEAS - Use of lithium batteries for submarines
  • DECIVING PROPELLER - acoustic masking techniques
  • UPV - Unmanned Patrol Vessel

In specific regions

Operational Programmes of the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020

  • Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region
    • MAESTRI - Accommodation Macro-Modules And Integrated Structures: Research and development of innovative living solutions for cruise ships
    • ConfCab - Silent cabin on floating floor and decoupled bridges
    • Glu&Nav - Innovative products and processes for semi-structural gluing on ships
    • Prelica - Advanced methodologies for the hydroacoustic design of propellers


  • Liguria Region
    • Cyber - Cyber Security of critical infrastructures


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