Fincantieri-Suppliers is the Fincantieri e-procurement system created to support procurement activities between the Company and its suppliers in all its stages. 

The system provides a great opportunity for the suppliers to introduce their activities to Fincantieri, one of the biggest European shipbuilding companies. 

A totally free-of-charge instrument for your company’s internal organization to achieve new levels of productivity and profitability - and to leave behind outdated processes and systems that may be soon holding back your company's growth.
Fincantieri-Suppliers connects Fincantieri and its suppliers in a secure yet open environment, with a modern and efficient interface. It is easy to use and compatible with every company’s management and communication systems. 

Fincantieri-Suppliers assists your company by providing a standardized online platform for business development, a secure environment for collaboration, and a more efficient communication channel among buyers, technical experts and suppliers.

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