National Framework tender protocol between the Ministry of the Interior and Fincantieri spa for the prevention of infiltration attempts by organized crime

Having identified in the tender system a key element for our ability to develop and raise our competitive standing in our reference markets, we have always paid constant attention, also in this context, to ensuring maximum transparency.

It is in fact in our interest to ensure respect for legality and to defend the market from interference by organized crime, as well as undue interference and pressures from common criminals, preventing any possible infiltration attempt by organized crime during the process of awarding tenders, in capital expenditure, and in production activities.

To this end, since 1999 we have been working on improved cooperation with the relevant local authorities and, over time, have arrived at signing Lawfulness and Transparency Protocols, which led to the signing of a single National Framework Tender Protocol with the Ministry of the Interior on February 27, 2017, which is aimed at preventing infiltration attempts by organized crime.

The agreement represents a fundamental milestone that unifies the procedures for control against organized crime on a national level in companies considered at “high risk” that operate on contracts and sub-contracts in all locations of the Fincantieri Group. It guarantees an invaluable exchange of information and, should any issues arise, enables Fincantieri to adopt the most appropriate protective measures while also ensuring the necessary confidentiality requirements of the parties involved.

Under the agreement, we also ask the supply chain concerned to ensure the highest levels of transparency and fairness and fulfil their obligations to combat against and report any instances that could entail conspiracy to commit a crime - including mafia-type conspiracy - or, by way of example, corruption, fraud, money laundering and extortion.