What does innovating mean?
For Fincantieri, it means intercepting changes and shaping new routes. In our Group, we follow the course set towards the future. Innovation, sustainability, environmental care and much more: discover all the cutting-edge developments we are taking on to shape the maritime industry.

Optimizing Shipbuilding with Cutting-Edge Solutions

We have changed the pre-fitting process with innovative solutions to reduce construction time and improve the manufacturing processes. Learn how we used lean manufacturing and cutting-edge technologies to build a brighter future for shipbuilding.

The Challenge of Maritime Decarbonization

We have developed new technologies to reduce ship emissions, such as the use of hydrogen, ammonia fuel cells, and zero-emission fuels. We have started TECBIA project, which uses low-impact technologies to produce clean electric energy for ships.
The maritime decarbonization challenge has begun.

Zeus, the First Hydrogen-Powered Ship

ZEUS is the first hydrogen-powered ship built by Fincantieri. A floating laboratory with the purpose of acquiring information on the behavior, in the real environment, of the fuel cell system that allows electricity to be obtained directly from hydrogen without a thermal combustion process.