A growth opportunity

Fincantieri is recognized globally for its ability to strategically direct its operations towards the future and the definition of a vision strongly oriented to the challenges of sustainability and innovation. In this section are collected the calls for proposals financed by Fincantieri.

closed calls

PHD research project on circular economy

Fincantieri will fund a scholarship for a PhD related to circular economy in the naval sector. The call will function as an innovation challenge: Fincantieri will select one or more projects among those submitted, regardless of the university in which they will later be conducted.

The project has the following objectives:

1. Assessing the current level of maturity and experience of the most relevant players involved in the whole merchant-ship building-process value chain; 

2. Identifying the most relevant and high-value areas to be investigated monitored and developed;

3. Proposing a simple and reliable methodology for conducting life cycle and carbon footprint analysis applicable to both existing ships and new buildings;

4. Suggesting the most relevant tools supporting the analysis and the implementation of circular economy logics to the cruise-ship sector;

5. Pinpointing the most relevant tools a shipbuilding company should have in order to increase the level of recycled and reusable materials through the entire product's life cycle;

6. Defining cost-effective scenarios concerning the current status quo and the future developments in the maritime sector.


Q. Where are you planning to develop the PhD project?

A. We are not planning to develop the selected project in a specific location related to the Group. We think that the best location to develop the PhD project will be deduced from the project contents itself.


Q. Which university will host the candidate? Should I apply to a specific university to be admitted to the PhD course?

A. The PhD project will be hosted in the university where is employed the supervising professor. At this step, we are not able to provide any information about the specific kind of PhD scholarship or agreements set-up. It is mandatory that, at the moment of scholarship assignment, the candidate should have fulfilled all prescribed duties, passed all exams and gained all requested certifications to attend a PhD course.