Our mission is to enable navigation, a vital human activity that has always facilitated the exchange of cultures and ideas. Consequently, diversity and inclusion are inherent to our identity.

Since 2020, we have been integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into our governance and strategy. We view the diversity of individuals — that is it their identity, background and abilities — as not merely individual traits, but as valuable sources of enrichment and advancement for our Group.

As our journey to diversity starts with the mindset of our employees, we have created the DEI Action Plan to raise their awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. This plan includes initiatives for all of our group companies, as well as specific actions designed for individual sites based on their cultural differences. The DEI Action Plan is based on the following core pillars:

In 2023, the awareness process on this topic was further enriched with the evolution and repositioning of the Fincantieri everyDEI program. This initiative aims to:

  • develop a culture based on respect;
  • support individuals with disabilities;
  • encourage intergenerational collaboration and multiculturalism;
  • promote equal opportunities;
  • foster the adoption of an inclusive language;
  • combating stereotypes and biases.


Below, you can find detailed information on Fincantieri's concrete commitments regarding the DEI topics.

Gender Diversity

Women’s Empowerment Principles

Fincantieri promotes diversity and ensures gender equality. To reinforce these commitments, we have signed Women's Empowerment Principles — seven principles promoted by the Global Compact and UN Women to foster equal conditions for women in the workplace.

Gender Equality Certification

To further structure and formalize our commitment to diversity, we have implemented a Gender Equality Management System (GEMS), which was certified in 2023 according to UNI/PdR 125:2022 standards. The governance and operational oversight of the System primarily rest with the Gender Equality Management System Steering Committee — an organ whose members are representatives from Human Resources, Strategic Communication, and Sustainability functions. Among other responsibilities, the Committee is tasked with:

  • defining alongside the senior management the corporate Gender Equality Policy;
  • developing the Strategic Gender Equality Plan, which set the GEMS’s objectives and targets, also adopting those of the 2023-2027 Sustainability Plan regarding DEI topics.


The GEMS certification has been obtained by Fincantieri S.p.A. and all its Italian subsidiaries.

Addressing gender-based violence

We strongly adverse gender-based and all other forms of violence. We articulate this commitment through a series of initiatives aimed to promote equality, mutual respect, and individual freedom.

In 2023, we launched Respect for Future, through which the Group acts decisively to prevent and eradicate all forms of violence by promoting equality, mutual respect, and individual freedom. As part of this project, we joined the DonneXStrada initiative, which aims to create a network of safe places, the "Punti Viola", that can provide refuge for those in danger. We have expanded this network by designating 10 of our offices as Punti Viola, staffed with personnel trained and sensitized on the issue by legal and psychological professionals.

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We have also initiated a significant collaboration with the Differenza Donna Association, which manages the national public utility number 1522. The aim is to combat gender-based violence by providing effective solutions to help women who navigate complex situations. This involves engaging colleagues who will serve as “Antennas, that is qualified personnel tasked with gathering information, listening, and guiding women who have experienced or are experiencing violence towards the most appropriate support pathways.

People developement and equality

We safeguard and promote equal opportunities for women in the workplace, strengthening female empowerment by implementing effective and significant measures for human capital development, welfare, and resource protection.

Regarding human development, we have implemented a series of diverse measures, all guided by the same goal. Specifically, we have:

  • Introduced total reward actions to address the gender pay gap;
  • Cultivated a pipeline of female talent for the development of future leadership within the Group;
  • Continuously conducted orientation and promotion activities for STEM disciplines among middle and high school students, involving women managers as role models.

As for the protective measures, we are among the 100 companies that signed the Self-Regulation Code of Responsible Companies in support of motherhood. This code, along with Gender Equality Certification for businesses, aims to support female empowerment in the workplace by ensuring career continuity for mothers, promoting preventive and healthcare needs, adapting work schedules and methods, and supporting expenses for childcare and education.

Our commitment to supporting parenthood is further demonstrated through:

  • Training courses for parents designed to help them navigate maternity and paternity as a shared journey;
  • Individual coaching programs for new mothers returning from maternity leave;
  •  Work-life balance initiatives, including corporate nurseries and summer camps for employees' children. In 2023, the second corporate nursery was inaugurated in Monfalcone, complementing the one opened in 2022 in Trieste.


Regardless of individual features, each person carries a wealth of experiences and values. To fully harness this richness, we take every necessary step to foster an inclusive and empathetic environment. Here, the challenges faced by others serve as opportunities for both personal and collective growth. Therefore, we are committed to continuously fostering an inclusive environment for individuals with visible and invisible disabilities. Currently, Fincantieri employs 555 individuals with disabilities, whose talent and skills enrich our corporate culture.


In 2023, we launched the narrative research project “Disability and Work: Learning to Listen and Understand Each Other. A Valuable Opportunity for Inclusion”, to better understand everyone's experiences and guide our future actions. The goal is to create a corporate culture where individual characteristics and vulnerabilities are fully accepted and valued.

Additionally, during the 2023 edition of the 4W4I event — that is a series of webinars and digital events dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace — the Group developed a documentary film showcasing the personal and professional experiences of two of our colleagues with disabilities.

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Cultural Diversity

As we operate across four continents, we embody a rich cultural diversity. Therefore, nurturing dialogue between cultures is not only a fundamental value but also an essential requirement to ensure the proper and effective functioning of our Group. In this perspective, we equip our managers and executives with all the necessary tools to effectively lead in a multicultural environment. This includes integrating training courses on working within multicultural and transnational contexts into their skill development programs.

Furthermore, we implement further measures targeting all of our people, irrespective of their role within the company. Among these initiatives is the establishment of a Cultural Mediation Desk at Muggiano. This resource facilitates integration and inclusion by aiding and guiding foreign workers through administrative and bureaucratic procedures, providing linguistic and cultural support where needed.

Moreover, we promote a culture of integration and multiculturalism throughout our value chain, incorporating these principles into our engagement initiatives and dialogues with suppliers.

Which objectives do we have on this topic?

Diversity and Equal Opportunity: 2023-2027 Sustainability Plan objectives and target


Promotion of programs offering equal opportunities to all employees in order to promote diversity and inclusion within the Group

Discover the objectives

Ensuring maximum integration and full involvement of the company population by developing training and awareness-raising initiatives on diversity and inclusion


Description/Target Timeline Perimeter Status SDGs

2 projects, one to support parenting or caregivers and one to raise awareness of disability





Held the webinar "Understanding Cyberbullying" in partnership with E-PHORS and the Postal Police to offer support and guidance to parents.


Implemented the project ‘Disability and work: learning to listen and get to know each other.


1 project to promote multiculturalism and eliminate all forms of discrimination


Fincantieri S.p.A. and satellite businesses

1 project to raise awareness on disability at Group level



2 projects, of which one to enhance multiculturalism and eliminate all forms of discrimination and one to promote cooperation between generations


1 project supporting parenting or caregivers


Strengthening gender equality and women's empowerment by promoting projects to ensure a level playing field for women in the world of work


Description/Target Timeline Perimeter Status SDGs

Obtaining UNI PdR125 Gender Equality Certification for Fincantieri S.p.A.


Fincantieri S.p.A.



In 2023, Fincantieri S.p.A. and all its Italian subsidiaries received the UNI PdR125:2022 Gender Equality Certification.


Extend gender pay gap analysis to Group level





During 2023, a third-party company conducted a gender pay gap analysis at the Group level, which did not identify significant issues.

Developing a training program to support the professional careers of the women in the Group


100% reduction in the weighted gender pay gap


Develop 2 counselling and psychological assistance projects for women victims of gender-based violence


Ensuring an appropriate level of gender representation by promoting the presence of women also in positions of responsibility


Description/Target Timeline Perimeter Status SDGs

+2pp white collar women (white collar and middle managers) compared to 2021

+3pp middle manager women compared to 2021



 In progress


Due to the implemented initiatives, the presence of women has been steadily increasing year by year.


Percentage of white collar women (white collar and middle managers):
2021: 22,0%
2022: 22,3%
2023: 22,6%


Percentage of middle manager women:
2021: 15,0%
2022: 16,1%
2023: 16,1%


+4pp white collar women (white collar and middle managers) compared to 2021

+5pp middle manager women compared to 2021