We promote the efficient use of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity, identifying potential impacts and mitigation actions, since safeguarding the natural value of the areas surrounding our production plants is of primary importance for the Company.
To protect these places, specific and special precautions are put in place in accordance with local legislation and activities that could directly or indirectly concern protected areas are carefully monitored.

Italy - Muggiano, Riva Trigoso and Sestri Ponente

The production plants in Muggiano (surface area of 147,000 m2), Riva Trigoso (surface area 173,000 m2) and Sestri Ponente (surface area 237,500 m2) are inside an International Marine Protected Area - Marine Mammal Sanctuary, which was established with the intent to safeguard various kinds of marine life.

Italy - Marghera

The production plant at Marghera (surface area 370,000 m2) is located within the UNESCO site - Venice and its Lagoon.


In the United States Fincantieri Marinette Marine is positioned next to the Menomonee, in Wisconsin (for a surface area of 21,315 m2), an area that needs to be protected due to the quality of its waters, marshy land and ecosystem of aquatic flora and fauna.


As regards the VARD group, the Tulcea shipyard, in Romania (for a surface area of about 750,000 m2), is adjacent to the Danube Delta, an area protected by UNESCO. The ISO 14001 certification, obtained in 2012, guarantees the presence of the protections required to safeguard the site.


Vard Promar, in Brazil, occupies a surface area of about 800,000 m2 and part of it (250,000 m2) is adjacent to the mangrove forest, considered by WWF to be a biome, i.e. one of the fourteen areas into which the Earth is divided, characterized by dominant forms of vegetation and climate. Also, in this case, specific and special precautions are implemented in accordance with local legislation.

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