We are a global multinational. We are Unique. We are Fincantieri.

Twenty shipyards across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Approximately 19,000 employees, 60% of whom work outside Italy, and a turnover of more than 4 billion euros. This is Fincantieri, a multinational whose 230 years of experience has given it a leading role in the history of seafaring.


Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, today the Group is one of the largest shipbuilders in the world, leader in cruise ship design and construction and the only one able to build all kinds of high-tech ships: from naval vessels to offshore units, from special ships and highly complex ferries to mega yachts, as well as carrying out ship repairs and conversions, manufacturing systems and components, and providing after-sales services.

As it has been in business for over two centuries, Fincantieri has acquired sound engineering expertise, with facilities around the globe that make it competitive in all high-potential markets as a partner of excellence for its clients, assisting them every step of the way.


We operate as a System Integrator and work as a Prime Contractor, dealing with the design and engineering of ships and the construction and outfitting of vessels, and coordinating a wide-ranging network of specialist suppliers with the help of an estimated 80,000 resources in allied industries.


With a unique presence in all high added value segments, our excellence in terms of technology and operations is based on several strengths: our flexible, global structure; our consolidated ability to configure and personalize each product to the specific requirements of the client; our skill in coordinating and integrating a complex network of suppliers, to meet the set deadline and budget; and our healthy propensity to invest in research and innovation to ensure that the solutions we offer in our portfolio are always state-of-the-art.