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We strive to ensure that all our stakeholders are involved in the processes associated with sustainability issues, to strengthen the Group’s reputation and ethics. Towards a responsible management of sustainable and inclusive growth for the benefit of companies, people, communities and territories.

Our Governance model

For us, sustainability is not just an opportunity but a genuine mission to represent a model of excellence in the world. To guarantee adequate protection and monitoring of processes associated with sustainability, Fincantieri has a Sustainability Governance Model.

Our commitments

Our commitment to increasingly sustainable and responsible development is expressed through objectives such as: the dissemination of the sustainability culture, promotion of a responsible supply chain, involvement of employees, continuous improvement of health and safety at work.

Sustainability Plan

We have decided to structure our sustainability path by adopting an integrated strategy that is capable of combining business growth and financial stability with social and environmental sustainability, creating value in the long term. With this integrated strategy (Sustainability Plan and Business Plan) we are able to manage its response to the market challenges of today and tomorrow in a sustainable way.


Fincantieri considers the process of listening to and involving stakeholders an essential tool for the organization to take action and obtain the best results: the values that emerge and are affirmed by dialogue strengthen the Group’s reputation and ethics.

Material topics

In 2016 we launched a process to identify the material topics, a materiality analysis was performed to identify the important information. The analysis is updated each year in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards.

Sustainability risks

Our Risk Universe has been defined as part of the “ERM project” which provided the Company with an Enterprise level process for detecting, evaluating and monitoring the main corporate risks. 10 sustainability risks, identified from the analysis, were added to the risk map and included in the specific Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category.

Our performance

Measuring our sustainability performance we transparently communicate to our stakeholders the main economic, social and environmental data. These indicators show consistency with the commitments made and help identify the areas we need to improve in the future


Fincantieri's Sustainability Report, now on its second edition, is a communication tool that describes, in a transparent and structured manner, the economic, social and environmental results achieved, and demonstrates the Group's commitment to sustainable development, with the aim of creating value not only for itself, but also for its stakeholders.