Fincantieri sets sail alongside the Venice Capital World Sustainability Foundation

CEO Pierroberto Folgiero has been elected to the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Foundation

As a co-founder of FVCMS, the Group offers its expertise to foster green innovation in the Venice area, particularly in the fields of hydrogen and energy transition.

Fincantieri has joined as a founding member of the Venice Capital World Sustainability Foundation (FVCMS-Venice Sustainability Foundation), reaffirming its role as a prime mover in the realms of innovation and green transition within the naval industry.


Fincantieri's commitment to sustainability culture is acknowledged and celebrated through the election of our CEO, Pierroberto Folgiero, to the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Foundation.


This collaboration underscores our 360-degree commitment to sustainability, a cornerstone of our corporate culture. Furthermore, it represents a step forward toward a greener future, solidifying our historical connection to the region, as evidenced by the strategic presence of the Marghera shipyard.


The Venice Capital World Sustainability Foundation emerges from the necessity to address the complex environmental, social, and economic challenges that characterize the delicate ecosystem of Venice. Its objective is to promote a sustainable development model that can serve as a global example. Established under the patronage of the Italian Government, the Foundation collaborates with local authorities, cultural and academic institutions, and leading companies in their respective markets. Its activities focus on crucial thematic areas for the sustainable development of the lagoon city, with the aim of fostering synergies among the various stakeholders.


Within the framework of its participation in the Foundation, Fincantieri provides a decisive contribution in terms of expertise and the ability to generate innovation, with a specific focus on hydrogen and energy transition issues. In particular, our commitment will materialize in the development of a hydrogen valley in Porto Marghera, with the goal of creating new renewable energy supply chains. This project will not only promote sustainable development in the area but also bring tangible benefits to the entire production district.


Already in the 2025-2027 Industrial Plan, Fincantieri has reaffirmed its commitment to being a pioneer in experimenting with hydrogen in port operations. We have always been enablers of innovation at sea, and now more than ever, technological progress must be guided by the compass of sustainability.


We are pleased to be agents of change rather than followers, to chart our own course rather than be dictated by the market. We believe that even a major player like Fincantieri must evolve to provide shipowners with increasingly green and cutting-edge solutions. In this sense, being partners of the Venice Capital World Sustainability Foundation means aiming for the future and generating development for all in a territory that has welcomed and inspired us for years.

"This initiative not only strengthens our commitment to sustainable innovation, as outlined in our Industrial Plan, but also underscores the historical connection that our Group has with the region through the Marghera shipyard."

Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO and Managing Director of Fincantieri

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