FINCANTIERI NEXTECH is a company of all-Italian excellence that offers cutting-edge products and services in various fields: naval automation, electronics, advanced systems, Integrated Logistics Support, IT and cybersecurity, along with the opportunity to apply its known skills in engineering and experimentation, research and development to transversal activities.

The company has unique and distinctive expertise in the fields of electronic and electro-optic systems, automation systems, ICT solutions, physical and logical security, digital engineering, integrated product support and simulation solutions including technologies to support the monitoring and security of important infrastructure networks.


The innovative solutions developed by FINCANTIERI NEXTECH in naval, land, avionics and aerospace fields are mainly applied to Defence and Security, but are also widely used in the civil sector, particularly in the infrastructure, industry, and energy areas.


Thanks to a significant range of resources and knowledge, together with the experience gained in different sectors, FINCANTIERI NEXTECH is a major player at national and international level able to design and manage complex systems with a high technological-innovative content. It is capable of managing all stages of the product life cycle directly, from design to production and from installation to disposal, continuously providing the highest quality standards, on the strength of the brand, track record and reliability of the Fincantieri Group.


The FINCANTIERI NEXTECH headquarters are in Milan, but it has a presence nationwide, organized into highly specialized, highly skilled, and highly qualified centres of expertise.


System Engineering, advanced electronic vision systems, gyrostabilized multisensor systems for avionic/land/naval purposes, motion control systems, test and measurement systems, systems for industrial automation, dual-use solutions. Innovative solutions in engineering, land monitoring systems and environmental protection.
Integration of systems in the naval automation and navigation field, as well as in the other electronic sectors on board different types of ships (navy, cruise, mega-yacht and special ships). Supervision of the entire process: going from the defining of the requirements to the design, the production, the commissioning and after the sale.

Provision of a wide range of integrated logistics and product support services for the civil and defense sectors according to the ASD S-Series ™ specifications and the most advanced industry standards: Logistic Support Analysis (LSA); RAM-T, FMEA, FMECA, LORA, RCM, MTA, TLCC, TNA analysis; creation of integrated databases; interactive electronic technical publications (IETP); calculation, purchase and management of spare parts; integrated software for life cycle management; CBT compliant with SCORM®; linguistic services

Applied research and engineering consultancy, onboard sea trials, simulation solutions and digital training, monitoring systems and decision support systems, laboratory tests and transfer of technology programs in the military and civil fields.

Development of processes and products especially for Maritime, Defence, Critical Infrastructures and Industrial purposes. Cybersecurity technical assessment, Risk assessment, Cyber security engineering, Awareness, Security Operation.

Realization of complex technological infrastructures, solutions for Virtualization and Cyber Security, Data Center Physical Security, for Central and Local Public Administration markets, Telecommunication Companies and Large Accounts.

Satellite Telecommunication with specific know-how on designing and integrating Satcom Systems, Communication Systems and Electronics for Defence.

Systems and solutions for transportation sector. Design, development, supply, installation and maintenance of networking, ticketing, public information and security systems for mobility and critical infrastructures. Installation and maintenance of electronic and electromechanical systems in the field of mobility and large infrastructures.

Installation and maintenance of electrical systems, mechanical systems for industrial automation, mechatronic terminals for transport and loading.

IDS providing research, innovation and products in Electromagnetic Engineering, Satellite Communications, Robotics and Unmanned Systems, Radar based safety and protection systems for civil and defense applications.


Via Carlo Ottavio Cornaggia, 10 - 20123 Milano Italy

Via Trieste, 3 - 19020 Follo (SP) Italy
T. +39 0187 980965
F. +39 0187 981251

Viale Brigate Partigiane, 92R - 16129 Genova Italy

Via Carciano, 69 - 00131 Roma Italy

Via Ippolito D'Aste, 5 - 16121 Genova Italy

Via Trieste, 4 - 19020 Follo (SP) Italy

Via Carlo Ottavio Cornaggia, 10 - 20123 Milano Italy

E-PHORS - Local Unit
Via Portuense, 2482 - 00054 Fiumicino (RM) Italy
T. +39 06 97614061
F. +39 06 97252020

Via Salvatore Quasimodo, 136 - 00144 Roma (RM) Italy
T. +39 06 72577100
F. +39 06 72577499

Via Montenero, 67 - 00012 Guidonia Montecelio (RM) Italy
T. +39 0774 572835
F. +39 0774 572838

Viale della Navigazione Interna, 109A - 35027 Noventa Padovana (PD) Italy
T. +39 049 776345
F. +39 0495207947

C.S.I. Srl
Via Giacomo Leopardi, 31 - 20123 Milano Italy
T. +39 0187 980965
F. +39 0187 981251

IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A.
Via E. Calabresi, 24 - 56121, Pisa (Italy)
T. + 39 050 31241
F. + 39 050 3124 201


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