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The COVID-19 pandemic, which greatly affected the last two years, prompted us to implement every useful action to prevent and contain the possible contagion within our sites and our production plants and has led us to maintain specific measures to protect the health of workers, to allow the continuation of business activities in the presence of a social risk that has been added to those typical of the production cycle.


antigen tests performed during 2021 


daily body temperature readings


surgical face marks purchased


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The Company immediately set up a Crisis Management Team at a central level, to which the following tasks were assigned: 

  • constantly monitor the development of COVID-19-related issues;
  • coordinate, in agreement with the Managers of each Production Site, timing and scope of interventions;
  • make operational, on the basis of indications from the competent Authorities at national and/or regional level, the measures progressively identified to protect the health of the workers and community;
  • prepare a contingency plan to be put in place in the event a case of COVID-19 is reported (Fincantieri employees or third parties). The plan, elaborated immediately, identified, with the involvement of the local Health Authorities and information to the Workers' Representatives, the following steps:
  1. identification of the people in closest contact with the person concerned;
  2. identification and segregation of the areas where the person concerned has worked until sanitation has been carried out;
  3. ban and/or segregation of the common rooms (changing rooms, canteen, goods lifts, lifts, etc.) used by the person concerned until sanitation has been carried out.


Company management of the pandemic situation did not see any major changes in 2022, with the Crisis Management Team remaining fully operational to share information and the consequent actions to be implemented at each site.
During the course of the year, some of the measures in place, such as temperature measurement at access points, Green Pass verification and screening with the use of rapid swabs, were removed based on the infection trend monitored both at company level and in general.
The use of such devices remains in specific situations, such as the use of lifts or hoists, the use of company vehicles, and access to and while inside medical facilities. In addition, based on the indications of the company physicians, vulnerable people are required to use them.
The smart-working tool, which was already the subject of regulation on the basis of company agreements that made its operation conditional on the end of the emergency period, was the subject of generalized use for so-called vulnerable workers and prudentially applied extensively for other workers as well, even though it was no longer related to the pandemic aspects.
Similarly, the measures already in place to contain crowding situations were maintained, favouring staggered access times to changing rooms and refreshment facilities, as well as related sanitation activities.
The flu vaccine was also made available to all personnel concerned.


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