Our company sees human capital as a value, therefore we continuously invest in the development and enhancement of our people, who are the key for the success of a Group that has always been focused on the challenges and innovations of the future.


The Group's People Strategy, developed over the years, was bolstered and updated in 2022 in order to build a solid foundation for the Group's growth and achieve successful performance, in an increasingly complex and dynamic scenario, and to design a sustainable future by seizing the opportunities of the digital and ecological transitions, in line with the new Business Plan and Sustainability Plan.
The implementation of the People Strategy, through cross-functional tools and processes, ensures, on the one hand, the consistency of HR objectives with business objectives and, on the other hand, the centrality of people in the organization.


We defined our Employee Value Proposition, Fincantieri, People Ahead, which represents the link between employer branding strategies and the specific actions of managing, training and developing our people, i.e. that set of priorities shared between the Company and its employees.

Our commitment to the effective implementation of the Group’s People Strategy was recognized by the Top Employers Institute, a company that has certified the quality of people management and development processes as well as the work environment, including Fincantieri in the pool of companies certified as Top Employer Italy 2024.


DEVELOPMENT AND SAFEGUARDING OF HUMAN RESOURCES: 2018-2022 Sustainability Plan objectives and targets

Commitments Objectives Description/ Target Benefits Status Timetable

Promotion of growth, training and enhancement of human capital

Include a sustainability module in the Fincantieri Corporate University training programs

Implement training modules on sustainability, as part of the training given by the Fincantieri Corporate University (Academy, Competency Management, PM for Staff, PM Advanced)


Include 1 module on sustainability per course

Raise staff awareness of sustainability issues



The Corporate University’s training programs include a module dedicated to sustainability issues.



Promoting the hiring of under-35s

Promote young people’s employment using multiple collaboration channels with Schools and Universities. Promote activities aimed at directing young people’s choices of studies in line with the demands of the employment market (graduate programs)


Keep the percentage of hires of under-35s above 40% of all new hires per year in Italy

Encourage generational turnover and create the right mix of professional skills within the workforce, developing the required skills



Since 2019, we have always kept the percentage of under-35 hires out of the total new hires in the year in Italy above 40%.


2019: 62%
2020: 59%
2021: 60%
2022: 63%


Industrial relations based on dialogue and listening to protect jobs and employment

Draw up a policy or guidelines for the management of any business restructuring and reorganization

Draw up a policy or guidelines that strengthen commitment and contain the lines of action that the Company undertakes to implement in the event of company restructuring and reorganization in Italy

Improve risk management, increase transparency, make Top Management aware of the issue and minimize intervention time



In 2021 we drew up a Guideline for the management of any business restructuring and reorganization within the framework of a consolidated participatory model based.


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