We are highly diversified in terms of final markets, geographical areas and customer portfolio.

Cruise customers

The customers who purchase cruise ships produced by the Merchant Shipping Division of FINCANTIERI S.p.A. and VARD are the leading cruise operators in the world. The customer portfolio has expanded considerably over the last few years, thanks to the ability to design and build widely differing types of cruise ship, with strong customization by customer, geographical area and market segment served.

Naval customers

The customers who purchase the products of the Naval Vessels Division of FINCANTIERI S.p.A. and Fincantieri Marine Group are government entities, both Italian and foreign, including the Ministry of Defence, the Navy, the Coastguard and all entities appointed to make acquisitions in the Defence sector.

Ferry customers

Ferries designed and built by FINCANTIERI S.p.A. and VARD are intended for private and public clients, both Italian and foreign, operating in the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, and meet the most demanding requirements in this sector in terms of technological innovation, low environmental impact, energy saving and diversification.

Mega yacht customers

The mega yachts designed by Fincantieri are intended for private customers who fall into the category of ultra high net worth individuals.

Repair and naval conversion customers

The customer portfolio for repair and transformation services includes:

  • cruise ship owners;
  • shipowners from the offshore segment with vessels operating in the Mediterranean area and West Africa;
  • shipowners for ferries and other types of vessels;
  • private owners of mega yachts with vessels moored in the Mediterranean area;
  • shipowners active in the merchant sector working with ships in the Mediterranean and the Great Lakes area.

Offshore customers

The main operators of the Group's offshore division are shipowners and charter companies that provide logistical support and services for the establishment and operation of offshore facilities for companies active in the Oil & Gas industry. These also include large contractors specializing in offering turnkey services for the commissioning of large projects and offshore infrastructure, as well as the main drilling contractors specializing in the management of semi-submersible drilling vessels and platforms. In addition to the design and production of offshore support units, VARD also supports the production of special vessels such as ferries powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) or hybrid (battery) systems, mainly for shipowners in Northern Europe, and vessels used by customers active in the aquaculture sector and icebreakers.

Systems and components customers

The Group offers its naval systems and components to the internal captive market and to other shipbuilders and industrial operators (such as, for example, engineering companies active in the installation of power plants as well as companies responsible for carrying out complex projects, for instance in the Oil & Gas sector). The main customers of these systems and components include the customers of each of the other business sectors, both civilian (owners of passenger ships) and military (i.e. Italian Navy, US Navy, etc.). In addition, the main customers include shipbuilders such as the Meyer Werft and Naval Group and industrial operators such as Saipem among the EPC contractors, and Cofely, Vinci Construction and Atzwanger among the industrial operators.