In line with Fincantieri’s Group Policy on Initiatives for the Communities and Local Territories the following projects and initiatives have been activated.


We have always been engaged in the promotion of educational and training programs in order to create a pool of specialized human resources to foster the Fincantieri system, with specific reference to the network of suppliers, in order to cope with the workload.


Our goal is to:

  • facilitate the matching of labour supply and demand;
  • activate a virtuous circle and an ever closer bond with local communities;
  • create opportunities for growth and enhance the skills of people and businesses.


With such aim, we have activated joint recruiting and training actions with the regional and municipal administrations, aimed at unemployed people or non-workers, including those who have emerged from businesses in crisis in the area, in order to integrate them into our system, particularly in satellite businesses. Furthermore, such initiatives allow both to activate a virtuous circle and an ever closer bond with local communities and to create opportunities for growth and enhance the skills of people and businesses.

Municipality of Monfalcone
The collaboration between Fincantieri and the Municipality of Monfalcone continues, as they share the need to increase local school facilities, also caused by the impact of the population active in the shipyard. Fincantieri has contributed to the renovation and adaptation of a building in the Municipality of Monfalcone to be used as a nursery school and has undertaken to cover the running costs for the school’s first years. The building was delivered in December 2021 and the first 53 children were immediately able to benefit from this initiative.

Peschiere University Student Accommodation Foundation (Genoa)
The Foundation aims at promoting International University Student Accommodations for the education of university students. Over the years, the Rui Foundation has carried out multiple other activities, establishing itself as a MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) and EU qualified partner.

It carries out educational, research, educational guidance and voluntary activities by developing international relations and carrying out projects and research for universities.

Fincantieri allocated scholarships to deserving students with limited financial means.

Educational and training programs

Partnership with universities

Fincantieri takes part to Career Days and Career Fairs events organized by universities in order to develop a direct and constant link with students and professors. The Company also promotes Meet Fincantieri Days with university students, introducing the Company and organizing seminars, classroom/virtual classroom testimonials and orientation workshops. Such partnerships have contributed to the creation of the Employer Value Proposition of the Fincantieri Group, which for the second year in a row won the Universum Most Attractive Employers award given by Universum Global, a leading Swedish company in employer branding. This award place Fincantieri in the overall ranking of the top 30 companies most attractive for university students and young professionals who took degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines. The Company's first place standing in the ranking of companies operating in the Manufacturing, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering segment was also confirmed.

Guidance activities with secondary schools

Fincantieri maintains solid relationships with secondary school institutions, specifically with technical institutes, professional schools and ITS Foundations. The objective of such initiatives is to allow the training of qualified resources with profiles that will allow a simpler employment in roles within the shipbuilding industry, both within the Group and in the industry's network.

• Requalification initiatives and professional training

Fincantieri promotes and develops specific recruiting and training initiatives aiming at creating in the areas where it is active pools of resources with specific technical competences in order to address the needs of the shipbuilding industry and facilitate the meeting of supply and demand in the job market. There is a specific attention to jobseeker and unemployed resources, coming out of corporate crisis and guidance interviews as well as formative upskilling and reskilling workshops are promoted, together with regional administrations and with the network of suppliers.


In the shipyards located in Italy, Norway, Romania and the United States, many events are organized and they are an important opportunity to open the doors to the employees and the communities in the territory and promote awareness of the Company and its values. 


In the last two years the pandemic has imposed the suspension of all activities that could jeopardize our people’s health (family days, children on board and open shipyards).

The organization of all the initiatives that enabled our stakeholders to enter the Company has been postponed.


During the course of 2021, a number of events of various kinds, including ship deliveries, were organized for a limited number of people in order to ensure strict compliance with the regulations in place to contain the pandemic. In fact, events "behind closed doors". Live streaming was organized for the above ceremonies in order to maintain a direct line of communication, providing everyone with the opportunity to follow the important moments of company life.

Sport initiatives
Promotion of various sport activities through sponsorships, such as the second edition of Trieste City international tennis tournament, ATP Challenger circuit of the Tennis Club Triestino, the “Fincantieri Cup”, a golf event organized by Golf Club Trieste, and Navy’s Nastro Rosa Tour, and of teams such as the youth football team Unione Fincantieri Monfalcone, and support of the Pallacanestro Trieste 2004 Srl.

In the United States, we support various sports initiatives aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, we support local high school football and baseball teams in the local territory.

Company clubs
All the Fincantieri social units present in Italy are equipped with a company club where current and retired employees can carry out after-work recreative and cultural activities and sports. In 2021, approximately 16,000 registered members benefited from the activities of the 9 company clubs at national level, of which over 8,200 were current and former Fincantieri employees.

The premises of the company clubs, the staff in charge of the administrative management and the economic resources necessary for their maintenance are predominantly provided by Fincantieri.

County Fire Dept.
Charitable donation to the local branches of the Fire Department, funds were also used to purchase equipment and gear.


Culture can drive growth in the territory. We want to contribute to the attractiveness of local territories and increase their development opportunities by recovering and enhancing artistic and historical peculiarities and supporting cultural initiatives.

Campiello Foundation
The “Campiello” is a literary price assigned to Italian narrative books. It was established in 1962 by the Veneto Entrepreneurs' Association with the aim of dedicating a specific space for the regional entrepreneurial spirit within the Italian cultural scenario. Fincantieri took part to such initiative as a sponsor to the 59° edition of the Campiello Literary Prize.

MUCA – Monfalcone Shipbuilding Museum
The MuCa is the only Italian museum dedicated to shipbuilding. The exhibition covers multiple themes: the city-factory, the corporate welfare and the wars, the shipyard and entrepreneurs: the evolution on the territory, the technique and construction in the shipyard: from ships to collateral constructions, interior design and the great art on ships and in the territory.

The MuCa is an extented museum, with a direct link to the territory, not only with the exhibition inside the museum, but also with a series of external exhibitions in the village of Panzano and of guided tours inside the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone. Fincantieri actively collaborates with the museum through the Fincantieri Foundation, which regularly contributes to the creation of exhibitions or sections of the museum, by providing documents such as photos and texts and advice on graphic design.

LINK – Journalism Festival
Festival of good journalism consisting of four days of talks, meetings and interviews with leading figures from the worlds of IT, culture and economics. The 8th edition of the Festival saw the alternation on the Fincantieri Newsroom stage in Piazza Unità of numerous guests, involved in dialogues and roundtables on topics such as science, sustainable development and economic recovery.

Link 2021 reconfirms our participation in “No women, No panel”, the campaign promoted by the European Commission that requires the presence of at least one female figure for every meeting or conference in scheduled events and aims to raise awareness among both stakeholders and the public about gender balance in panels and public events.

For many years now, Fincantieri has supported the Barcolana, a historic international sailing regatta that has been held for over 50 years in the Gulf of Trieste, on every second Sunday of October. Every year, Fincantieri renews its support for sport and the territory through the sponsorship of the event. The Barcolana is not only a sport event, but it could be considered a true sea festival, involving the entire city of Trieste, through numerous sport and cultural events and initiatives. In this occasion, the city welcomes thousands of sailors and spectators from Italy and abroad, who can watch the event from numerous observation points around the city and the gulf. Since 2018, it has officially entered the Guinness Book of Records as the "Largest Sailing Race", the largest regatta in the world, thanks to the 2689 boats inscribed participants.

“Sea lives” books 
Sponsorship of a series of books, distributed in the territories through local newspapers. The books are a representation of the myth of the sea in literary masterpieces.

Municipality of Monfalcone – Geographies Festival 
An event with a high literary profile, with the presence of writers and journalists of national fame. It is an event that involves the entire territory both culturally and economically.

Raimondo Sirotti Cultural Association 
Support for the exhibition dedicated to the artist Raimondo Sirotti. The exhibition took place in Genoa, at the prestigious venue of Palazzo Ducale.

Marinette County Fair – Logging & Heritage Festival
Support for various cultural events and local festivals.

Pacific Battleship Center
Support for the event organized to promote the future museum dedicated to naval surface vessels.


We support scientific research and technological innovation for a sustainable future. With this objective we promote and support multiple activities aimed at spreading a culture of technological innovation and research and the realization of scientific projects with the contribution of scholars and experts.

Sponsorship and participation in events/conferences
• Trieste Next - 10th edition of the Festival of Scientific Research with a focus on science for sustainable wellbeing.
• MED 2021 - Rome Mediterranean Dialogues. 7th edition. Meeting on the theme of the extended Mediterranean, joint international security, cooperation and development opportunities.
• Science Festival in Genoa. The Festival is one of the largest event on science at the international level. Each year it offers events on the most debated topics in the scientific spheres.
• XII Edition of the Diplomacy Festival, Rome.
• Sponsorship of the G20 in Genoa “High-Level Conference on Local Infrastructure Investment” meetings and working tables on the issue of technological infrastructures and their scope for future development, in terms of local, national and global investments.

Technological research
Participation in the research project “The cloud industry and the role of Italy within the European Gaia-X project on technical aspects and business models of cloud services”.

Cooperation protocols
Projects for teaching and research activities, internships and doctorates with:

  • Universities;
  • Business Schools;
  • Colleges.


The support to people in difficulty and the promotion of volunteer initiatives for disadvantaged communities is an issue that we feel strongly about and we translate this feeling into practical help through numerous initiatives.

Agreement with The Food Bank (Italy)
Joint working agreements for charitable purposes with the Banco Alimentare (Food Bank) of the Liguria and Marche Regions and with the companies that provide catering services at the canteens in the Group’s 4 production shipyards: Muggiano, Riva Trigoso, Sestri Ponente and Ancona.

With these initiatives our shipyards donate uneaten food from the company canteens so that the Food Bank can redistribute it to charities that support and help the poor and, more generally, people in difficulty.

By way of example, at the Riva Trigoso shipyard, we served over 10,200 individual portions, while through the Muggiano canteen, about 4,500 full meals were dispensed. In Sestri Ponente about 800 meals were delivered, equivalent to a total of 232 kg.


Our contribution primarily consists of initiatives to support the medical-scientific sector or to support the sick. We are convinced that it is only through scientific research that we can improve people’s quality of life and prospects, because health protection is an ethical and social value of primary importance.

University of Trieste 
University Clinical Department of Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences
Charitable donation in support of scientific research in Cardiology and Customized Medicine. Focus of the research project is to evaluate the therapeutic effect of biological molecules in a anthracycline cardiotoxicity model.

Fondazione Ant Italia Non-profit organization 
Children in ANT project

Donation as part of the Company's Christmas gifts, in favour and in support of the Children in ANT project.

The project is dedicated to providing free comprehensive in-home care to children with cancer and their families. Helping to support a “hospital without walls” for these little patients, to make them feel less alone in facing one of the toughest trials.


Respect for the environment, for local territories and for each individual with whom we share areas and activities, is an essential prerequisite to ensure the continuity and growth of our Group over time, to the benefit of future generations.

Fincantieri for the Green Future
Fincantieri's internal communication campaign “Fincantieri for the Green Future” continues on its path to reinforce the commitment that each of us, as employees and as citizens, can make even through small, but practical day-to-day gestures.

Awareness-raising is being carried out at the Italian sites for all new hires, who have received:

  • a leaflet recommending a series of good practices to employ in order to protect the environment and its resources, both at work and in private life;
  • a personalized aluminium water bottle with the goal of reducing some of the plastic waste resulting from the use of water bottles and glasses.

In this context, internal communication becomes a fundamental lever for promoting a real culture of sustainability among employees, also through the implementation of practical and tangible initiatives.

FincantierION – 2nd Edition
The second edition of FincantieriON ended in 2021 with the awarding of prizes to the three best projects. The ideas competition was open to all employees of the Group's various Italian sites and was aimed at collecting innovative ideas for the introduction of materials, systems engineering and organizational solutions capable of bringing about a significant improvement in the product/process with a view to sustainability.

In total, we have collected more than 370 ideas, demonstrating the active involvement of our people and the widespread awareness that the exploitation of resources, innovation and the direction of investments must be increasingly compatible with protecting the environment and creating long-term value.


Social Responsibility


Institutional relations