In line with Fincantieri’s Group Policy on Initiatives for the Communities and Local Territories the following projects and initiatives have been activated.


We are committed to maintaining a virtuous circle and an ever-closer bond with local communities, creating opportunities for growth and enhancing people's skills.
We are committed to tackling the problem of misalignment between labour demand and supply by acting upstream, namely on skills, to provide orientation and train students, inactive and unemployed people in the most critical and sought-after skills in the sectors in which we operate.


We boast well-established partnerships with schools, Technical Institutes, Higher Technical Institutes, Universities and Business Schools with the aim of creating a growing synergy between the world of work, school and training.
Several social responsibility projects have been initiated through the involvement of company professionals as masters of their trade, role models and mentors, with the aim of developing both technical and universal skills in students while stimulating their passions and talents.


In 2022, we promoted an initiative, developed in partnership with SDA Bocconi, to support SMEs in central and southern Italy through an executive education programme aimed at business owners and their employees.


All initiatives aimed at strengthening the Group's identity and sense of belonging are intended to encourage meeting and exchange of ideas and to familiarize stakeholders with our operations, thus making the bond both effective and concrete.

The steady improvement of the pandemic situation and the gradual easing of containment measures allowed for the resumption towards the end of the year of some activities aimed at involving our people and local communities. In particular, events were organized where employees and suppliers could bring their children and/ or family members on board to visit the soon-to-be delivered ship. This creates an opportunity to meet and share experiences.


Promoting sport
Promotion of various sports activities through sponsorship of events such as the third edition of the City of Trieste's international tennis tournament at the Tennis Club Triestino, the Fincantieri Cup of the Trieste Golf Club and of sport teams such as the Fincantieri Football Union of Monfalcone. Moreover, Fincantieri supports sporting initiatives and local competitions in order to promote healthy lifestyles, such as the sailing activities in national and international competitions of the ASD Society Nautical Grignano.
In the United States, Fincantieri supports local high school football, baseball and athletics teams which are active in the territory.


Company clubs
The purpose of the nine company clubs in Italy is to promote social initiatives and activities within the community of its members, consisting of employees, former employees now retired, their families and friends. At the end of 2022, there were about 16,500 members, including more than 8,600 Fincantieri employees and former employees. The premises of the company clubs, the staff in charge of the administrative management and the economic resources necessary for their maintenance are predominantly provided by Fincantieri.


We consider the promotion of cultural activities to be a cornerstone for the sustainable and lasting growth of our territories. With this in mind, we support various initiatives aimed at contributing to the attractiveness of territories by increasing their development opportunities.


Guido Carli Prize Foundation
Sponsorship of the 13th edition of the Guido Carli Prize. The Prize is awarded annually to personalities who have distinguished themselves for their social commitment, success in the entrepreneurial field, as well as for showcasing Italian talent and genius in the world.


Participation and local identity are pivotal elements of the Barcolana, the world's largest international sailing regatta held in Trieste for over 50 years. Fincantieri renews its support for sport and the local territory by sponsoring the 54th edition.


Genova Cultura
Sponsorship of the conference series 'Meetings in Blue. Men, women and stories of the sea' held during the Genoa Boat Show. The event aimed to promote the culture of the sea, a source of social and business life in the Liguria region.


LINK - Journalism Festival
A unique event on the cultural scene, now in its ninth edition. Four days of talks, meetings and interviews with leading figures from the worlds of IT, culture and economics on topics such as science, sustainable development and economic recovery. Link 2022 has reconfirmed our participation in 'No women, No panel', the campaign promoted by the European Commission that requires the presence of at least one female figure for every meeting or conference in scheduled events and aims to raise awareness among both stakeholders and public opinion about gender balance in panels and public events.


Capital of Enterprise Culture 2022
The objective of the project "Capital of Business Culture 2022" is to enhance the territorial identities and local economies of the area that includes Venice, Padua, Treviso and Rovigo, characterized by a strong industrial know-how.
The initiative included a series of initiatives planned throughout 2022 and 70 events aimed at promoting and enhancing the competences of an area with about 325,000 active enterprises. The shipbuilding sector was one of the five industrial areas of interest.


Research and technological innovation are the main resources that enable a country to remain competitive and ensure the wellbeing and standard of living of a population. With this objective in mind we promote and support activities aimed at spreading a culture of innovation and research and the realization of scientific projects with the contribution of scholars and experts.


• 'Progetto Mare - The competitiveness of the maritime economy in a perspective of Italian development and European strategic autonomy' promoted by Confindustria. The conference is aimed at analysing the competitive scenario of the blue economy and at bringing together public and private players to help re-launch a sector that has always generated wealth, employment and technological innovation and that represents an extraordinary lever for the country's development.
• CLIA European Summit - Debate attended by top representatives of cruise-related industries on the ability to innovate and develop the tourism economy in a sustainable way. This first European summit was an opportunity to discuss concrete approaches and solutions to the challenges facing the sector: ecological transition, sustainable tourism, relations and synergies with local communities and job development.
• Trans-Regional Seapower Symposium 2022 of Foreign Navies in Venice – 13th edition. Forum promoted by the Italian Navy in the presence of over 50 foreign navies and 100 international organizations, government bodies and industries. Theme: sustainable and coordinated development of the 'Wider Mediterranean'.
• MED 2022 Rome Mediterranean Dialogues – 8th edition. Meeting on issues in the 'Wider Mediterranean', related to energy and digital transition, growth and development, infrastructure collaboration and protection and joint international security.


Technological research
• The new energy horizons - Shipping and the need to adapt to the international scenario. Now in its 6th edition, the Forum will debate the role of technology and research in two sessions: i) From the shipyard to the sea: the role of technology. The innovative ideas, projects and processes that enable the industry to respond to the market. ii) Ships, ports, infrastructure: where a country's competitiveness is born.
• 'Da penisola a piattaforma': Italy's role in European logistics. Fincantieri sponsored the conference aimed at rethinking the transport system to create new economies and use funds to support the energy transition of ports to secure growth in the new international scenarios.


We believe that supporting and promoting solidarity initiatives in favour of the most disadvantaged people represents an assumption of social responsibility, as well as strengthening the link with our territories on the basis of shared values.


Support for the Ukrainian population
Immediately after the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, the Vard Tulcea shipyard made two buildings available to accommodate up to 250 Ukrainian refugees from the Odessa area. As well as housing, which is normally used by the shipyard workers, in consultation with the competent authorities, the necessary transfers were organized and food and medical assistance provided.


Italian Navy 'per il sociale'
Fincantieri supported a sports event in Livorno, at the Naval Academy, to raise funds to support charitable organizations working in social care. A real contribution to associations that support the disabled.


Pizzaut Association non-profit organization
Donation to support social and labour inclusion project for individuals on the autism spectrum.


ANT Foundation Italy non-profit organization
The 2021 donation, as part of the Company's Christmas gifts, was earmarked for the 'Bimbi in ANT' project. Twenty children received ANT assistance in the period from January to May 2022. Some received oncological healthcare in Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Apulia, while other children/youths received psychological assistance to cope with the illness of a family member or deal with grief at facilities in Emilia-Romagna, Apulia and Tuscany.


Salvation Army
Donation towards the organization's activities to support those in need by providing shelter, food and support.


Door County Veteran's Service Council/Wounded Warriors
Services to support war veterans and their families.


Door County toys for kids
A non-profit association which, using volunteers, distributed gifts at Christmas to needy children.


Marinette County Elderly Services
Non-profit organization assisting the elderly in Marinette County. Ad hoc programs are organized to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote their wellbeing.


Our contribution primarily consists of initiatives to support the medical-scientific sector or to support the sick: health protection is an ethical and social value of primary importance.


We believe that the quality and prospects of life of people can be improved only through scientific research. The protection of health is an ethical and social value of primary importance. For this reason, we supported the following associations:


INRC - National Institute for Cardiovascular Research
Donation in support of the national medical and social campaign 'Cuori e Motori', in Gaeta, on board the Coast Guard's 'Classe Dattilo' ship.


Friends of the Heart Association
Donation in lieu of part of the company Christmas gifts to the Association, which supports scientific cardiological research and contributes to the upgrading of cardiology and cardiac surgery facilities with donations of advanced equipment.


Respect for the environment, for local territories and for each individual with whom we share areas and activities, is an essential prerequisite to ensure the continuity and growth of our Group over time, to the benefit of future generations.


Fincantieri for the Green Future: sustainable mobility
We have long been committed to creating more sustainable conditions for home-work journeys, for travel and also for movement around within our production facilities. A survey of our employees' home-work journeys was carried out using a questionnaire in 2022, and the results are key to calculating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and developing solutions for increasingly sustainable mobility, helping the environment and our communities.


Research support for the National Centre for Sustainable Mobility
We are a founding member of the National Centre for Sustainable Mobility, in which 25 universities and 24 large companies engaged in mobility and infrastructure work together with the aim of underpinning the industry's green and digital transition, ensuring industrial transition and supporting local institutions in implementing modern, sustainable and inclusive solutions. The project, financed by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), provides for investment of almost €400 million over the period 2023-2025 and focuses on five areas: air mobility; sustainable road vehicles; waterborne transport; rail transport; light vehicles and active mobility.


Social Responsibility


Institutional relations