Research, consultancy and solutions for the naval and maritime field

The Italian Ship Research Centre

CETENA S.p.A – a research and consultancy centre in the naval and maritime field - which was established in 1962, is a Fincantieri company with its headquarters in Genoa. CETENA provides support for its customers with a wide range of activities in the maritime field in both civil and naval sectors.

CETENA manages each of these activities with its team of experts with professional competences, knowledge and experience. To maintain a direct link with shipyard activities (engineering and production), CETENA has different offices and test laboratories in strategic positions all over Italy (Trieste - Riva Trigoso - Castellammare - Palermo).

CETENA also collaborates with different research centres in Italy and Europe and it is involved in many research projects with Universities, Ministries and industrial companies.

The dual principal aspects of CETENA are research and customer support which distinguish CETENA in the market through tangible advantages: on one hand the innovative support to the industrial sector provided by technicians involved in research activities, on the other hand a real contribution to research, thanks to the ability of CETENA of addressing research activities depending on the inputs received by the industry.

Starting from basic research developed with the Universities with which it cooperates, CETENA turns knowledge into solutions able to satisfy the requests of its customers.


Research and Innovation

Universities, National and International Research Centers

National & Technological Districts

Naval & Maritime European Associations

Engineering Consultancy

Fluid dynamics

Structures & materials

Noise & vibration

Ship survivability

Ergonomics & human factors

Virtual prototyping


Mooring analysis

Safety at sea


Experimental Activities

On board trials

Environmental trials

Testing Laboratory


Naval Simulators

Maritime simulators

Serious Games

Augmented reality solutions

Monitoring Systems

Digital support to onboard operations


Transfer of technology



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E-mail: info@cetena.it


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