The main sector in which Fincantieri operates is intrinsically characterized by a limited number of competitors and customers. The measure of customer satisfaction and retention cannot therefore be based on significant data and statistical samples. It requires instead a long-term analysis of the relationship between market trends, assignment of orders and jobs to the various players, the time taken to transform negotiations into orders, the maintenance of historic customers, and the acquisition and retention of new customers.


Fincantieri regularly surveys the market and the competition, from which certain "loyalty" factors can be deduced. In Italy, 5 new ships and a submarine were delivered in 2017. For 4 of these, the remarkable "zero defects" result was achieved, a significant recognition by the respective customers. As a side note to the MSC Seaside delivery, the shipowner company stated that the ship's quality exceeded all expectations. The new orders obtained in 2017 confirm the customer satisfaction.


As for Fincantieri Marine Group, customer satisfaction is surveyed three times a year through meetings with representatives of Lockheed Martin and the US Navy. These sessions cover the following areas: technical, testing, planning, quality, after-sales and ILS (Integrated Logistics Support). During these sessions, the Company receives feedback on the degree of customer satisfaction and on any problems. The corrective actions are defined at that time, with subsequent follow-up.


At VARD, Customer Satisfaction is monitored periodically, and from the time of delivery to the end of the guarantee and after sales period, each product is subject to voluntary feedback by customers.

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