The main sector in which we operate is intrinsically characterized by a limited number of competitors and customers. The measure of customer satisfaction and retention cannot therefore be based on statistical significant data samples. It requires instead a long-term analysis of the relationship between market trends, assignment of orders and jobs to the various players, the time taken to transform negotiations into orders, maintenance of long-term customers, and the acquisition and retention of new customers.

We regularly survey the market and competition, from which certain "loyalty" factors can be deduced.


In recent years, we committed to implementing a tool to measure customer satisfaction through a numerical indicator, the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), with a value between 0 and 100.  The CSI  is governed by a specific company procedure that requires customer satisfaction to be measured within six months of ship delivery.

Since the start of monitoring four years ago, 29 Fincantieri ships were delivered and evaluated using the CSI methodology with an average satisfaction result of 81/100. These CSI results correspond to a high level of satisfaction, exceeding the first target level set by Fincantieri S.p.A. of 80/100.

Which objectives do we have on this topic?

Customer satisfaction: 2023-2027 Sustainability Plan objectives and targets


Listen to needs and expectations in order to maximize customer satisfaction

Discover the objectives

Extending the customer satisfaction measurement model - Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) - to ESG issues


Description/Target Timeline Perimeter Status SDGs

Expansion of the CSI questionnaire to ESG issues to understand customer satisfaction in terms of sustainable product and process





In 2023, the new CSI questionnaire was drafted, updating it with questions relevant to product and process ESG issues.


Application of the CSI questionnaire, including the ESG section




The updated questionnaire has already been delivered on the first ships delivered at the end of 2023, in advance of the timeframe set out in the Sustainability Plan.

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