An integrated approach based on Open Innovation

Research and Innovation processes


The process has been built starting from the definition of visions and priorities for innovation, with the identification of market technological trends and general economic trends in the shipbuilding sector, as well as expectations of our customers and end consumers. Performed in collaboration with specialized partners, such analyzes lead to the definition of:

• systems and subsystems of interest;
• current KPIs;
• medium and long term performance objectives;
• key enabling technologies;
• development trajectories.

The main Research & Innovation process is the Research and Innovation Plan management.


The R&I Plan is fueled by projects proposed by the various Business Units and by subsidiaries. In this regard, a key stimulating role is played by CETENA and the other trusted partners of the Group.


Fincantieri manages the R&I Plan by developing the Innovation directly within the Business Units, with the support of the same staff involved in the realization of our products. Ship design and construction require a number of vertical specializations. Therefore, the Group believes the involvement of highly specialized professionals to be the most efficient strategy in order to assess the innovation needs.


Moreover, the R&I Plan is fueled by two centrally managed processes: Technology Scouting and Innovation with Suppliers.


The introduction of new concepts from outside into the R&I Plan is enabled by the activities concerning Technology Scouting and Innovation with Suppliers, which constantly ensure a long-term vision on the latest technologies.


As far as Technology Scouting is concerned, starting from the analysis of long-term technological trends, the Group examines which new technologies not yet applied to the shipbuilding sector can be efficiently introduced on its own products or in support of its processes.


Regarding Innovation with Suppliers, the Group cooperates with innovation proned suppliers to develop specific innovations and apply them on the market.


All processes are conceived to maximize the impact on the final product and on achievements of projects. In particular, aspects related to technology transfer are carefully considered, in order to facilitate the application of new discoveries on board, and protect intellectual property to boost the competitive advantage.

Open Innovation


High product complexity has lead Fincantieri to establish its own innovation processes, taking into account internal competencies and partnerships with external stakeholders, different for specialization and geographical location. The role of system integrator carried out by the Group makes necessary to create lasting relationships. Such partnerships are enablers of collaborative innovation programs, the introduction of new technologies and the constant improvement of the current ones, in terms of quality, cost efficiency, and risk reduction. Fincantieri has thus elaborated the paradigm of the Open Innovation, as a model of cooperation between companies and research institutions, aiming at establishing a widespread network of international partnerships.

A crucial role is played by CETENA, which is at the core of the precompetitive research activities for the whole Group. Since 1962, the Naval Technical Studies Center has been engaged in research and consultancy in naval and maritime field. CETENA has been carrying out activities at national and international level to support shipyards, shipping companies, navies and maritime operators. CETENA makes use of an extensive know-how in different maritime research areas, including fluid dynamics, innovative structures and materials, energy efficiency and emission control, safety and decision support tools, maneuvering and navigation simulators and sea and laboratory testing activities.