Creating a sustainable, high-tech fleet of ships, where new technologies and innovation are integrated seamlessly in order to reduce environmental impact and improve naval system efficiency.


We move society forward crafting, shaping and leading the Green and Digital future of shipbuilding industry.


Future on Board is the new signature of the Fincantieri brand. We bring a future on board that is built on our proven expertise, the credibility of our digital design authority, and our reputation as an integrator of complex solutions. A future in which the power of our workforce is integrated with technology, big data, and artificial intelligence, and in which ships, powered by non-polluting fuels and next-generation engines, will have zero impact on the Planet.


Global Leadership in the development and lifecycle management of green and digital ships.


Our every action, project, initiative or decision is based on strict observance of the law, labour protection and protection of the environment, safeguarding the interests of our shareholders, employees, clients, trade and financial partners, local communities and groups, creating value for every stakeholder.

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