Over the course of 2017, Fincantieri put in place specific measures to increase and define the expertise of internal resources in terms of skills related to the technological solutions being used.
The goal was also and above all to train and increase cross-functional skills related to the management and promotion of innovation, change management and project management, as well as soft skills such as shared leadership, emotional intelligence and advanced communication.

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The data refer to the entire Fincantieri Group.

The main training projects are set out below:


Fincantieri Corporate University is the managerial training school of the Group, run in collaboration with its partners: the best-known business schools in Italy. The objective of the school is to guide the employees of Fincantieri in their individual development paths improving the competencies needed to perform managerial roles and create a strong sense of belonging and group spirit. One of the most value training program of the Fincantieri Corporate University is "Academy", dedicated to young employees in order to support their entrance in the Group, develop the core competencies and involve them in the change management path launched by Fincantieri during the last two years.


ISDM project, Integrated Ship Design & Manufacturing, is one of the main training programs for the technological development of the Company. It consists in the implementation of an integrated system for design and drawings' management in order to replace the technical software currently used for design and produce ships.
Fincantieri supplied more than 3,500 hours of training within ISDM project in 2017. Moreover in the next years the training activities will be planning for all the employees who will use the ISDM operating system.


Within the "Quality Improvement" plan of the merchant cruise business unit, Fincantieri developed the Training for Quality project, starting from 2016, in order to improve the final quality of the product monitoring the right execution of each single stage of its manufacturing. The first phase of the project consisted in a technical assessment, which involved workers and supervisors both of Fincantieri and all the contracted companies, in order to identify the gaps to be filled. The assessment activity, concluded at the end of 2017, has counted about 12,000 workers and 1,500 supervisors; the Company is now providing the training actions needed to fill gaps.
Fincantieri, for this need, created a "Training Catalogue" specific for all of the workers involved in the Company manufacturing process, including also the ones belonging to contracted companies, in order to guarantee the development of suitable technical competences and specific skills compliant with production's standards, making workers able to understand the manufacturing's drawings and the right use of the tools provided by Fincantieri.
In order to increase the quality and improve the monitoring of on board activities, also concerning work safety, supervisors moved their core activities on board. As a matter of fact, about 650 supervisors received a tablet with the aim of permits them to manage all the activities on board. For a correct use of the tablet and its programs Fincantieri developed a dedicated training course.
In 2017 the "Quality Improvement Plan" supplied on the whole more than 2,000 participations and about 17,300 training hours.

ISDM PROJECT 104 3,536


The data relate to the FINCANTIERI S.p.A. and the Italian subsidiaries.


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