Training and development activities are key elements of the Talent Management process, which aims to enhance the potential of human resources, increase the skills and competences of people and keep the focus on engagement and involvement.


We have structured systems for performance appraisal, potential and leadership assessment, as part of human capital development processes. Based on the Company Skills Model, these systems allow a complete, objective and analytical view of the multiple dimensions involved in evaluations. The outputs of the process provides essential information useful for defining coherent and effective individual development plan and training activities.


The Fincantieri Group operates in a specific and complex business and it constantly invests in tailored training activities in order to increase the skills of its people to keep up with the new technologies available on the market. We also invest in training activities aimed at developing essential project management skills, the ability to manage and promote innovation and change management. Moreover, Fincantieri Group's training paths work on soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence and advanced communication. The training programs are reviewed every year and updated on the needs emerged both from the assessments and from the global labour market required skills. Therefore, Fincantieri guarantees a broad training offer consistent with the needs of the Group's human resources.


We collaborate with the most important Italian Universities and Business Schools with consolidated partnership that leads to custom-built courses to its human resources. Furthermore, Fincantieri managers hold lectures, speeches and thematic seminars at main universities and masters courses.


DEVELOPMENT AND SAFEGUARDING OF HUMAN CAPITAL: 2018-2022 Sustainability Plan objectives and targets

Commitments Objectives Description/ Target Benefits Status Timetable

Promotion of growth, training and enhancement of human capital

Include a sustainability module in the Fincantieri Corporate University training programs

Implement training modules on sustainability, as part of the training given by the Fincantieri Corporate University (Academy, Competency Management, PM for Staff, PM Advanced)


Include 1 module on sustainability per course

Raise staff awareness of sustainability issues



The Corporate University’s training programs include a module dedicated to sustainability issues.


Constant collaboration and cooperation in an inclusive and international context in order to encourage the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences and the development of multidisciplinary skills

Collect proposals and improvement initiatives with regard to sustainability from employees and implement them (FincantieriON project)

Activate, as part of the FincantieriON project, the implementation of sustainability initiatives proposed by employees with the aim of ensuring the active involvement of personnel


Implement at least 4 of the most innovative ideas of employees in Italy

Increase the active involvement of employees, contributing to the creation of a cooperative climate, and exploit the innovative benefits arising from implementing winning ideas

 Work in progress


In 2020 the second edition of FincantieriON took place. The initiative, addressed to all employees, promoted the gathering of innovative ideas that can contribute toward protecting the environment and creating long-term value to be implemented in the Company.



Conduct regular climate surveys on employees

Conduct periodic surveys to update the risk analysis of work-related stress


Over a period of 4 years, analyse the work-related stress risk on 100% of Italian yards and subsidiaries

Map risk factors and identify possible improvement plans

to-be-implemented To be implemented


The main training projects are set out below:


Fincantieri Corporate University is the managerial training school of the Group, run in partnership with the main Business Schools in Italy. The aim of Fincantieri Corporate University is to foster employees in their individual development paths improving the core competencies to fill Company roles of greater responsibility and create a strong sense of belonging and group spirit. During 2020, almost 14,000 hours of training were provided in the Corporate University, with almost 300 participants.

The training courses provided as part of the Fincantieri Corporate University are:


Academy: it addresses resources who have been recently hired by the Company and it has the aim of promoting integration within the Company also through internal and external testimonial talks and workshops.


Competency Management: training courses addressed to middle managers recently or soon to be appointed in order to nurture and enrich critical managerial competences and spread a consistent culture and sense of belonging.


New Management Program: training courses addresses to recently or soon to be appointed managers; the courses aim to spread Fincantieri’s own managerial culture and to strengthen distinctive competences needed to hold a managerial position.


Xcellence Program: managerial training courses addressed to the Company’s middle and senior managers on topics such as Project Management, Advances in Manufacturing Management, eye-opening seminars.


Project Management Academy: training offer, which aims to accelerate the induction program and strengthen the specific competences and knowledge required to resources belonging to the Project Management team. The training offer is preparatory for attaining the Professional Project Management certification issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Starting from 2020, a training offer dedicated to the new digital technologies is available to Fincantieri employees. The offer was developed as part of the Fincantieri for the Digital Future project, with the goal of encouraging both the development and improvement of the existing professional skills and the development of new professional competence on the subject of digital skills.


Sustainability is a key factor in Fincantieri and the Company developed specific modules in order to increase the understanding of people on this theme, in line with the aims of the 2018-2022 Sustainability Plan. A specific focus was given to sustainability issues through dedicated modules in Fincantieri Corporate University and in particular in the "Academy", "Competency Management" and "Xcellence Program" training programs, dedicated to employees with different seniorities.


Furthermore, the change management project "Fincantieri for the Future", developed in 2017 became “green” with the aim to promote sustainability and increase employee awareness of issues related to environmental risks and to encourage eco-sustainable behavior: Fincantieri for the Green Future. The goal is to make the employees of the Fincantieri Group protagonists of a route of continuous improvement and provide them with tools to make a concrete contribution in terms of environmental protection. For this reason, an e-learning course focused on environmental sustainability was provided to the employees of Fincantieri and the Italian subsidiaries with the goal to improve awareness on sustainability. The main topics of this e-learning course are the reference regulatory framework, the management system applied by Fincantieri, the implementation of a Company sustainability policy and the eco-sustainable behaviors to adopt daily. During the year, more training actions will be provided to a cluster of professionals who need to deepen the regulatory aspects linked to environmental legislation in order to provide practical tools crucial for a sustainability working life.


People Development activities, which represent an active management tool for HR and managers in the development of collaborators, play a key role in enhancing the human capital of Fincantieri Group and designing career paths. These activities have the aim of identifying resources with greater potential and usefulness in the Company, on which to invest using defined growth paths, job rotation, national and international mobility actions, training actions, coaching and mentoring paths, so that in the future they can play key roles in driving the business. 


As part of the people review activities, the first edition of the Talent Project was started in early 2020. Its objective is to develop the young “high potential” employees and foster their growth and development inside the Company. A development plan that defines a growth path, also abroad, a specific training and a mentoring program was defined for the resources involved in the project. The latter provides each resource with a mentor, an experienced manager belonging to the first or second line of management who, by sharing his or her experience and disseminating the company culture, has the task of accompanying young people on their growth path, encouraging the creation of a professional network also outside their respective area.

Training and Development during COVID-19

During the pandemic, the Company launched for all employees an online English course lasting one month. The initiative was developed to give a further proof of caring and closeness to employees, as well as provide a useful tool to boost resources to improve their English, always more an essential skill in an international Company.


The lockdown forced Fincantieri employees to change their lifestyle and adapt their working and managing relationships in a brand new way. Fincantieri has also organized, in collaboration with the MIP - Graduate School of Business, a cycle of three webinars about the theme "Working remotely at the time of COVID-19" to help people managers to be a remotely and smart working people managers.


In addition, many training activities, taught by external teachers and internal managers, have been reviewed and redesigned to be remotely accessible with the same standard of high quality.


We have actively kept the collaboration with Universities, Istituti Tecnici Superiori (ITS - Higher Technical Colleges), etc., to ensure continuity of training thanks to the availability of our managers at reorganizing the lessons and seminars to allow the online participation of the students.


During the COVID-19 emergency the assessment of potential, the coaching sessions to support the managers and the meetings between mentors and mentees belonging to the High-Potential group, went on remotely in order to guarantee the continuity of all development paths.


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